Red Moon

Cover scanID:425
Cover title: Red Moon
Label title: Red Moon
Game title:
Create date: 2005-07-24
Update date: 2011-09-12 15:06:15
Compilation:No - Single game
Publisher name:Level 9 Computing
Publisher year:
Programming:Simon Aspinall, Pete Austin
Graphics:James Horsler
Others:David Williamson, Pete Austin, Mike Austin, Nick Austin
Filename (TAP): Red
Filename (RAW): Red
Filename (Docs):
Box: Small Clam Style Case (hard)
Scanned by:
Screenshots by: hedning
Owned by: Bokvamme, d-ram[add]
Barcode: None
Loader: CHR T2
CBM ROM Data CRC32: $366784C8
Magic CRC32: $A7EF2CC5
Cleaner:TapClean v0.24c

Magazine reviews

Zzap! 64, issue 6, page 77, 90%


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