Real Ghostbusters, The

Cover scanID:2078
Same: 331
Cover title: Real Ghostbusters, The
Label title: Real Ghostbusters, The
Game title:
Create date: 2005-09-25
Update date: 2012-06-05 00:00:00
Compilation:No - Single game
Publisher name:Ocean (The Hit Squad)
Publisher year:
Filename (TAP): Real Ghostbusters,
Filename (RAW): Real Ghostbusters,
Filename (Docs):
Box: Single Cassette Case
Scanned by:
Screenshots by: Peepo
Owned by: Bokvamme, Peepo[add]
Barcode: 5 013156 411595
Loader: Wildload
CBM ROM Data CRC32: $C618D67A
Magic CRC32: $37A09467 $7F72C96C
Cleaner:TapClean v0.21

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140Real Ghostbusters, TheActivision, Inc.1989Double Cassette Case0 47875 44100 2
2951Real Ghostbusters, TheOcean Software Ltd. [Mega Mix] 1989Box (153x183 mm)5 013156 014017


Some undetected gaps manually removed to clean this tape. It has been determined that these gaps were probably caused by the original mastering machine as it got up to speed. See for an image of how the recorded signal looks.

Magazine reviews

Zzap! 64, issue 69, page 57, 60%


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