Games released by System 3 Software Ltd.
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

356Bangkok KnightsScans icon1987Double Cassette Case
3949Death Star InterceptorTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Clam Style Case (160x217 mm)
2128DominatorTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1989Box (110x140 mm)
4780Dominator (Compilation)_NA_Box (153x183 mm)
2401Flimbo's Quest1990Box (110x140 mm)
4781Flimbo's Quest (Compilation)_NA_Box (153x183 mm)
2040IK+1987Double Cassette Case
104International Karate1986Double Cassette Case
4631International Karate1986Small Clam Style Case (hard)
4783International Karate (Compilation)_NA_Box (153x183 mm)
4219Juice!TAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1983Small Clam Style Case (hard)
3008Last Ninja 2TAP iconRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon1988Box (153x183 mm)
4331Last Ninja 2_NA_Box (180x150 mm)
4782Last Ninja 2, The: Back with a Vengeance (Compilation)_NA_Box (153x183 mm)
2402Last Ninja 31991Box (110x140 mm)
4332Last Ninja 3_NA_Box (180x150 mm)
112Last Ninja, TheTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1987Double Cassette Case
4779Last Ninja, The (Compilation)_NA_Box (153x183 mm)
5957Motocross!_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
2182MythTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1989Box (110x140 mm)
4784Myth: History in the Making (Compilation)_NA_Box (153x183 mm)
2578Ninja Remix1990Double Cassette Case
5808Ninja RemixTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Box (110x140 mm)
3411Suicide Strike_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
794Turbo ChargeRAW TAP iconScans icon1991Box (110x140 mm)
2373Tusker1989Box (110x140 mm)
2683Vendetta1990Box (110x140 mm)
6290VendettaTAP iconRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon_NA_Box (110x140 mm)
Number of games: 28 (of which 6 are part of compilations)
5 are double cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)
0 are single cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)