Games released by Argus Press Software
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

687264 Tape Computing Issue No 11984_NA_
495964 Tape Computing Issue No 7RAW TAP iconScans iconDocs icon1985Single Cassette Case
4238AlienScans iconDocs iconScreenshots icon1984Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
4072Bulge, The: Battle for Antwerp_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
4381Clever Clogs: Party Time for Age 3+_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
456Detective, The_NA_Double Cassette Case
3277Evil Crown, TheScreenshots icon1985Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
2054Fall of Rome, The1983Small Clam Style Case (soft)
93Grange Hill: The Computer GameScreenshots icon1986Double Cassette Case
574Nether Earth1987Double Cassette Case
3274Nick Faldo Plays The OpenScans icon1985Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
5875Orion Quest_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
5158Savage Pond_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
5815Time Trax1986Box (150x150 mm)
Number of games: 14 (of which 0 are part of compilations)
3 are double cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)
1 are single cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)