Games released by Wicked Software Ltd.
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

53692-D Tennis (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
54063-D Tic-Tac-Toe (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5442A-Team (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5454Adonis (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5386Air Raid (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5359Arcade Baseball (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5448Astronauts (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5426Atlantis (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5398Backgammon (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5421Bagdad (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5429Balloon Catch (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5373Bally (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5388Battle Star (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5382Battleships (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5419Bomb Hunt (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5443Bombrun (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5413Bump-n-Run (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5456Busy Bee (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5363Canyon (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5376Casino Royale (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5407Caterpillar (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5409Centipede (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5389Checkers (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5439Chicken Run (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5410Chopper 1 (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5368Connect'em (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5417Cosmic Carnage (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5366Crazy Golf (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5434Cross Racer (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5435Cyclon Zapp (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5362Daredevil Dave (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5395Domino (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5412Eagles & Gators (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5447Epsom Stakes (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5392Et Puzzle (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5375Europe Quiz (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5432Fantratron (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5385Flight Simulator (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5450Froggy (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5379Ghost Hunters (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5440Gloves (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5380Gold Diggers (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5403Gold Rush (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5405Grand National (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5446Grubs (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5415Gulper (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5404Haunted Castle (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5455High Flyer (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5420High Rise (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5381Invisible Clock (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5361Jet Fighter (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5384Joe the Ball (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5458Jump (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5365Keep Fit Fanatic (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5436Keno (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5425Leaky Roof (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5391Mastermind (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5371Matchbox (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5418Miami Ice (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5396Miner 64 (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5457Moonbase (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5397Nail Board (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5374Noughts and Crosses (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5438Nuclear Attack (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5399Othello (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5444Paccie (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5423Painter (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5428Pengo (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5364Pinball Arcade (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5377Ping Pong (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5433Power Poker (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5414Prisonball (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5367Quadrato (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5370Rocky (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5401Row Boat (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5383Save Your Teeth (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5451Sea Search (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5390Sevens (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5424Shooting Galery (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5437Slalom (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5402Snow Car (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5430Space Craze (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5453Space Hit (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5372Spy Attack (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5394Squash (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5445SS Panzer (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5416Star Dragon (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5360Starlight Zone (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5441Submarine (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5393Super Pinball (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5452Supermaze (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5449Ten Pin (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5387Tennis (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5400Thunderbirds (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5427Torpedo (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5378Tower Block (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5411Tug-a-War (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5422Wintry Screen (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5408Worms (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
5431Zapp (Compilation)_NA_Box (187x243 mm)
Number of games: 100 (of which 100 are part of compilations)
0 are double cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)
0 are single cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)