Games released by Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

2184Andy Capp1987Double Cassette Case
1045BigglesTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconDocs iconScreenshots icon1986Small Clam Style Case (hard)
4458Biggles_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
41Bombuzal1988Double Cassette Case
4383Caesar the Cat_NA_Clam Style Case (150x210 mm)
5358Caesar's Travels_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
246Catastrophes_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
6376Count with Oliver_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
52Dark CastleScreenshots icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
3243Defender of the CrownRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1987Box (155x215 mm)
1722Dynamite Dan1985Single Cassette Case
5543First Steps with the Mr. Men_NA_Box (153x212 mm)
4018Games Creator_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
5798Go Sprite_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
6772Hi Bouncer!_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
4258Look Sharp!_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
2443Mean StreakScans iconScreenshots icon1987Double Cassette Case
133Passing Shot1989Double Cassette Case
135Phobia1989Double Cassette Case
4272Quick Thinking!_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
336Raid 20001987Double Cassette Case
4044Spitfire 40_NA_Clam Style Case (120x170 mm)
6787Star Eggs_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
4269Star Seeker_NA_Clam Style Case (173x222 mm)
2154Strike Force Harrier1986Double Cassette Case
217Terror of the Deep1987Double Cassette Case
453TetrisTAP iconRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon1987Double Cassette Case
2626Zig Zag1987Double Cassette Case
Number of games: 28 (of which 0 are part of compilations)
11 are double cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)
1 are single cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)