Games released by Quicksilva Ltd.
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

66863D TunnelTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Single Cassette Case
4965Ant Attack1984Single Cassette Case
2326AquaplaneScreenshots icon1984Single Cassette Case
3569Black ThunderScans icon_NA_Single Cassette Case
2325Booga-Boo (The Flea)Screenshots icon1984Single Cassette Case
6606Captain Kelly_NA_Double Cassette Case
5568Death Wake_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
2555Defcom1986Double Cassette Case
6375Elevator Action_NA_Double Cassette Case
4634Escape_NA_Single Cassette Case
5697Fred_NA_Single Cassette Case
3462Glider RiderScreenshots icon1986Double Cassette Case
1879Gryphon1985Single Cassette Case
5756Hocus Fokus_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
3150Max Headroom1986Clam Style Case (170x175 mm)
6309Mean City_NA_Double Cassette Case
2448Pac-Land1987Double Cassette Case
4031Power Pyramids1988Double Cassette Case
676Purple TurtlesTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1983Single Cassette Case
2327Quintic WarriorTAP iconRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon1983Single Cassette Case
2328Ring of PowerTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Single Cassette Case
6194Romulus1987Double Cassette Case
1054Rupert and the Toymaker's PartyRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
4908Schizofrenia_NA_Small Clam Style Case (hard)
2549Sector 901987Double Cassette Case
4845See-Saw_NA_Single Cassette Case
5984Snowman, The_NA_Single Cassette Case
6450Star SoldierScans icon1986Double Cassette Case
1592Sting 64TAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1984Single Cassette Case
6624Strontium Dog and the Death GauntletTAP iconRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon_NA_Single Cassette Case
4203Summer GamesScans icon_NA_Clam Style Case (110x170 mm)
5563Traffic_NA_Single Cassette Case
1917Trashman1984Single Cassette Case
753Tube, The1987Double Cassette Case
4378Ultisynth 64Scans icon_NA_Clam Style Case (110x170 mm)
3127Yabba Dabba Doo!_NA_Double Cassette Case
3323Yabba Dabba Doo!TAP iconRAW TAP icon1985Small Clam Style Case (hard)
Number of games: 37 (of which 0 are part of compilations)
12 are double cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)
17 are single cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)