Games list (games with taps)
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

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4144O'Riley's Mine U.S. Gold Ltd. (Datasoft Inc.) [unkn]28.nov.2009
2469Odyssey K-Tel International Ltd. [1984]21.jan.2012
549Official F A Cup Football, The Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]13.oct.2007
1414Official Father Christmas, The Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]18.may.2008
1935Oh No! Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]23.may.2012
5059Oh No! [Zzap! Megatape 7]Zzap! [unkn]15.jun.2012
3606Old Bones [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
877Olli & Lissa 3 CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]04.jun.2012
640Olli & Lissa 3 [QUATTRO Cartoon]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.may.2008
1096Olli and Lissa Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]06.mar.2012
1525Olympic Spectacular Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]26.sep.2009
5832Olympics 84 Storm Software [unkn]20.aug.2011
1088On Court Tennis Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]29.mar.2012
1883On Cue Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]18.mar.2012
548On Field Football Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]10.mar.2012
732On-Field Football [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]16.apr.2009
1702Operation Hanoi Players (Players Premier) [1990]03.oct.2009
1431Operation Hormuz Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]03.oct.2009
1020Operation Thunderbolt Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]12.jun.2012
125Operation Wolf Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
959Operation Wolf Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]05.jun.2012
6788Orbitron Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]29.apr.2012
544Orbitron Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]29.apr.2012
3608Orbitter [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
6091Orc Attack Compulogical S.A. [unkn]30.apr.2009
1805Orion Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1988]29.may.2012
327Othello [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
127Out Run U.S. Gold [1987]05.sep.2011
617Outback Paramount Software [1984]25.nov.2009
1541Outlaw Players (Players Premier) [1990]05.jun.2010
5244Outlaws Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [unkn]08.jul.2012
382Outlaws Ultimate Play the Game [unkn]24.feb.2012
3615Overtake [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008