Games list (games with taps)
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

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4675C.O.D.E Hunter Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]20.may.2012
776Cabal Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]11.jun.2012
1598Cage Match Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1987]08.jul.2012
43California Games U.S. Gold [1987]14.mar.2012
1216California Games U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1990]05.jun.2010
5794California Games Erbe Software [unkn]20.aug.2008
6413California Gold Rush Software Supersavers Ltd. [unkn]07.nov.2011
678Camelot Warriors Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
3614Cannonball Battle [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
5994Canoeing Eurogold [unkn]08.feb.2012
721Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann U.S. Gold (Go!) [1987]29.mar.2012
3374Captain Blood Infogrames [1988]15.oct.2012
964Captive, The Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]14.feb.2012
1119Captured [4 Action Hits]American Action AB [unkn]05.mar.2012
1665Carnage Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]27.sep.2009
6488Castle of Skull Lord Samurai Software [unkn]29.jan.2012
992Cauldron Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]30.nov.2013
2260Cauldron [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
993Cauldron Palace Software Ltd. [1985]11.feb.2012
1637Cauldron [Cauldron I & II]Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2008
3743Cauldron [NOW Games 2]Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
1638Cauldron II [Cauldron I & II]Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2008
719Cauldron II [Five Star Games II]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]04.apr.2009
739Cauldron II [Hit Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]03.feb.2010
663Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back [Computer Classics]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]07.feb.2012
4430Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]25.may.2012
3951Cave Fighter Bubble Bus Software [1984]08.jul.2012
1136Cavelon Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]25.jul.2012
5520Caverns of Doom Microdeal Software [unkn]29.may.2011
1068Caverns of Eriban Firebird [1985]01.mar.2012
6685Caverns of Sillahc Interceptor Software [unkn]11.feb.2012
6605Caves of 64 Eurogold [unkn]09.jul.2011
1641Chain Reaction Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]29.jun.2011
5321Chain Reaction Euro-Byte [1983]24.jan.2011
449Chameleon Electric Dreams Software [1986]06.mar.2012
665Championship 3D Snooker Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]14.jun.2012
321Championship Backgammon [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
5627Championship Baseball [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
236Championship Baseball [Sports Pack, The]Gamestar (Activision, Inc.) [1987]08.may.2012
5551Championship Baseball Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]14.jun.2012
5607Championship Basketball Two on Two [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
237Championship Basketball Two-on-Two [Sports Pack, The]Gamestar (Activision, Inc.) [unkn]08.may.2012
709Championship Basketball: Two-on-Two Gamestar (Activision, Inc.) [unkn]02.mar.2012
692Championship Jet Ski [QUATTRO Racers]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1642Championship Sprint Proein Soft Line [unkn]20.oct.2008
4014Championship Sprint [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
465Chevy Chase Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1991]08.dec.2007
1069Chickin Chase Firebird [unkn]13.feb.2012
1257Chickin Chase Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
940Chiller Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]26.sep.2010
6747Chimera Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]08.jul.2012
6549China Miner Interceptor Software [unkn]14.may.2011
5682China Miner Interceptor Software [unkn]28.jun.2008
4350China Miner Interceptor Software [unkn]01.oct.2009
485Chinese Juggler Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]24.jul.2012
4369Cholo Firebird (Gold Edition) [unkn]09.mar.2012
3687Chomper Man Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]24.oct.2009
4178Chuckie Egg Pick & Choose [unkn]23.may.2011
72Circus [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
2016Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race Mirrorsoft Ltd. (Image Works) [1991]24.sep.2012
487City Fighter Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]25.aug.2008
1720CJ's Elephant Antics CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]07.jun.2012
2558Classic Snooker [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
1998Clean Up Service Players [1987]08.jul.2012
6293Cluedo [Mind-Stretchers (noname)]Leisure Genius [unkn]07.nov.2011
1015Cobra Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
5699Codename Mat II Domark Ltd. [unkn]18.feb.2012
1387Codename Matt II [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.feb.2010
1852Collapse Firebird [1985]02.mar.2012
654Colossus Chess 4 CDS Software [unkn]18.feb.2012
4262Colossus Chess 4 CDS Software [unkn]05.aug.2007
6093Colossus Chess 4 Zafiro Software Division (Z Cobra) [unkn]11.oct.2009
1346Combat Zone Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]08.jul.2012
353Comic Bakery Imagine Software Ltd. [1985]07.feb.2010
4561Commando Elite Systems Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012
1104Commando Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]25.may.2012
4115Commando Elite Systems Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012
6157Commodore Computer Club NÂș13 Editorial G.T.S. [unkn]17.sep.2009
5037Commodore Force Reel Action #2 Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]12.may.2010
5078Commodore Format Power Pack 15 Future Publishing [1991]02.nov.2010
5082Commodore Format Power Pack 18 Future Publishing [1992]02.nov.2010
5083Commodore Format Power Pack 19 Future Publishing [1992]02.nov.2010
5103Commodore Format Power Pack 23 Future Publishing [1992]01.nov.2010
5104Commodore Format Power Pack 24 Future Publishing [1992]15.nov.2010
5055Commodore Format Power Pack 6 Future Publishing [unkn]04.jul.2010
49Computer Maniacs 1989 Diary Domark Ltd. [1988]13.aug.2008
2033Con-Quest Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]08.jul.2012
582Conan U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]28.feb.2012
6089Confused? Compulogical S.A. [unkn]30.apr.2009
1475Confuzion [4 Most Toppers]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]29.feb.2008
3297Confuzion [Mind Benders]Domark Ltd. [1990]19.jun.2011
937Continental Circus Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]07.jun.2012
3286Convoy Raider [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
714Convoy Raider Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]14.mar.2012
681Cops 'n' Robbers Atlantis Software Ltd. (Gold) [unkn]08.may.2012
5632Corporation [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]29.oct.2010
2618Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer II Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
3780Cosmic Commando [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
530Cosmic Commando Anirog Software [unkn]05.jan.2008
1930Cosmic Pirate Byte Back [1989]03.jun.2012
3342Cosmic Split Personal Software Services [1983]07.jun.2012
1736Cosmonut CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]08.jul.2012
489Count Duckula 2 Featuring Tremendous Terence Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]25.jun.2012
1150Count Duckula in No Sax Please - We're Egyptian Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]23.feb.2008
710Countdown Domark Ltd. (TV Games) [unkn]14.aug.2008
1295Countdown to Meltdown Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]16.aug.2008
3517Counter Attack OIC Ltd. [unkn]09.aug.2012
1860Cowboy Kidz Byte Back [1989]09.sep.2007
1651Crack-Up [4 Game Pack No. 1]Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]15.dec.2007
2716Crack-Up Atlantis Software Ltd. [1989]25.aug.2009
6674Cracks of Fire Supersoft [unkn]10.jun.2011
1813Crazy Balloon Software Projects Ltd. [1983]27.may.2012
1028Crazy Cars Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]22.oct.2008
4698Crazy Caveman Merlin Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
3700Crazy Comets Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1987]16.dec.2012
355Crazy Comets Software Communications (Martech) [1985]18.feb.2012
2262Crazy Comets [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
1567Crazy Kong Supersoft [1983]05.sep.2011
4356Crazy Kong Interceptor Software [unkn]14.may.2011
323Crazy Men [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
938Creations CodeMasters Ltd. [unkn]20.may.2012
2898Creatures [Thalamus The Hits 2]Thalamus [1991]30.oct.2010
1131CREATURES U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1992]25.jun.2012
5665Cricket 64 CRL [1984]11.nov.2010
4236Cricket Captain Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]08.dec.2007
857Cricket Crazy Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]06.mar.2011
5549Critical Mass Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]22.oct.2008
1650Crossfire [4 Game Pack No. 1]Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]15.dec.2007
6689Crusade in Europe Microprose Software Ltd. [unkn]16.feb.2012
6703Crush, Crumble and Chomp! EPYX Inc. [unkn]19.jun.2011
769Crystal Castles U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1989]03.jun.2012
1505Cup Football Cult [1989]07.oct.2007
491Curse of Sherwood, The Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]25.aug.2008
2825Cyberball [Tengen Trilogy, The]Domark Ltd. [1991]20.jun.2011
463Cyclons Rabbit Software [1983]04.jan.2008
5880Cyclons Rabbit Software [unkn]03.sep.2012
2311Cylu Firebird [unkn]02.oct.2012