Games list (games with taps)
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

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1120'43: One Year After [4 Action Hits]American Action AB [unkn]05.mar.2012
245310th Frame U.S. Gold [1986]05.mar.2012
69611-A-Side Soccer [QUATTRO Skills]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]15.jul.2008
520811-A-Side Soccer [4 Soccer Simulators]CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]06.jun.2012
976180 Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]08.may.2012
7981942 Elite Systems Ltd. [1986]05.mar.2012
11001942 Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1989]02.jun.2012
11341943 U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]23.feb.2008
25411943: The Battle of Midway U.S. Gold [1987]25.may.2012
60831943: The Battle of Midway [Vitaminas]Erbe Software [unkn]26.apr.2009
8821985: The Day After Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]26.sep.2010
58421985: The Day After Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]03.oct.2008
9481994 (Ten Years After) Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [unkn]23.jun.2008
17012 Player Super League Cult [1991]16.dec.2007
35253-D Glooper Supersoft [1983]10.jun.2011
57113D Pool Firebird [unkn]08.jul.2012
12123D Pool U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1992]16.jun.2012
34553D Speed Duel Dk'Tronics Ltd. [1984]16.feb.2012
48023D Tanx Dk'Tronics Ltd. [unkn]25.nov.2009
23303D Time Trek Anirog Software [unkn]14.aug.2008
66863D Tunnel Quicksilva Ltd. [unkn]02.may.2011
24th & Inches U.S. Gold [1988]08.jul.2012
652364 Soccer Sophisticated Games [unkn]14.may.2012
6060720° Erbe Software [unkn]01.oct.2010
1117A Question of Sport Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1990]05.jun.2010
1385A View to a Kill: The Computer Game [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]07.feb.2010
511A View to a Kill: The Computer Game Domark Ltd. [1985]14.feb.2012
325A-Team [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
2616Aaargh! Virgin Games Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
4237Ace 2 Gamebusters [unkn]27.may.2012
5618Ace 2088 [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
1480Ace 2088 [4 Most Air Power]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
1409ACE 2088 Alternative Software (Summit) [1989]03.oct.2008
1256Ace of Aces U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1988]14.jul.2008
5Ace of Aces U.S. Gold [1986]08.jul.2012
4322Ace of Aces [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]27.oct.2012
1124AcroJet U.S. Gold [1986]28.feb.2012
579Action Biker Mastertronic Ltd. [1985]14.feb.2012
922Action Force: International Heroes Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1989]31.oct.2009
3337Activision Decathlon, The Activision, Inc. [1984]05.oct.2010
2640Addams Family, The Ocean Software Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
473Advanced Basketball Simulator Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]12.apr.2010
630Advanced Pinball Simulator [QUATTRO Coin-Ops]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [1992]17.jul.2008
5025Africa Gardens Gilsoft [unkn]08.jul.2012
3175Afterburner Activision UK Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
4059Agent USA Longman Software [1984]07.nov.2011
842Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back! Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]29.feb.2008
326Air Raid [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
810Airborne Ranger Microprose Software Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
3718Airborne Ranger U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]21.jun.2012
958Airwolf Elite Systems Ltd. [1985]11.feb.2012
3740Airwolf [NOW Games 2]Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
4411Airwolf 2 [Trio]Hit-Pak [1987]04.jan.2009
1919Alcazar Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]06.sep.2011
3764Alice in Videoland Audiogenic Software Ltd. [1984]07.nov.2011
575Alice in Videoland Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]24.aug.2008
320Alien Attack [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
4889Alien Rescue Dk'Tronics Ltd. [1983]25.nov.2009
2489Aliens: The Computer Game Electric Dreams Software [1987]09.mar.2012
5606Aliens: The Computer Game [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
1035Aliens: The Computer Game (US Version) Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]08.jul.2008
1723All-American Basketball Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]12.sep.2011
2557Alleykat [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
1836Alleykat Hewson Consultants Ltd. [1986]03.mar.2012
11America's Cup Challenge U.S. Gold [1986]16.jun.2007
3950American Football Mind Games [1984]04.oct.2010
4170American Football Bug-Byte [unkn]25.mar.2011
2013American Road Race Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]24.apr.2010
2007American Tag-Team Wrestling Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]21.feb.2010
5016An Introduction to basic: Part 1 Commodore [1983]28.aug.2007
1875Anarchy Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1987]18.mar.2012
1888Android 2 Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]11.oct.2008
3539Andy Capp Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]21.nov.2009
1292Angle Ball Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]14.aug.2008
2319Annihilator Rabbit Software [1982]26.jan.2013
655Anter-Planter Romik Software Ltd. [unkn]14.jul.2008
4591Antiriad Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]07.nov.2009
1656Apache Raid Omega [unkn]07.aug.2009
12APB Domark Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
5846Ape Craze Comm*Data [unkn]11.oct.2008
2464Apex Select System 2 [Zzap! Megatape 7]Zzap! [unkn]15.jun.2012
2592Apollo 18 Accolade [1987]09.apr.2012
70Aqua Racer [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
1573Aquanaut Interceptor Software [1984]12.jul.2012
1152Arcade Classics Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]15.mar.2012
1694Arcade Flight Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]02.jun.2012
647Arcade Flight Simulator [QUATTRO Combat]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
472Arcade Fruit Machine Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1990]20.mar.2009
1843Arcadia 64 Imagine Software Ltd. [1983]04.jan.2008
4972Archon Ariolasoft Ltd. [1984]17.feb.2010
4511Archon II: Adept Ariolasoft Ltd. [unkn]27.feb.2012
464Arkanoid Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
5847Arkanoid Erbe Software [unkn]27.sep.2009
947Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]10.jun.2012
773Armageddon Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]29.feb.2008
2744Armageddon Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [unkn]27.sep.2009
6224Armageddon Man, The Martech [unkn]06.apr.2012
1178Armourdillo CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]09.mar.2012
1993Army Days Mindscape (Light Fantastic) [1989]07.may.2012
1422Army Moves Alternative Software (Summit) [1989]27.sep.2010
666Arnie Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
1962Arnie 2 Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]27.sep.2009
4522Assembler 64 Anger Productions [unkn]10.apr.2012
1122Asterix and the Magic Cauldron Melbourne House Ltd. [1986]03.mar.2012
6690Astral Zone Channel 8 Software Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
297Astro Chase First Star Software Inc. [1984]05.oct.2010
324Astronaut Battle [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
4171ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighter Byte Back [1991]31.oct.2009
1135Atom Ant Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]23.feb.2008
6394Attack of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
2265Attack of the Mutant Camels [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
255Attack of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft Software [unkn]05.sep.2011
3597Attacker [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
693ATV Simulator [QUATTRO Racers]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1585ATV Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]13.apr.2011
3284Auf Wiedersehen Monty [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
526Auf Wiedersehen Monty Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]10.mar.2012
1700Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1991]08.dec.2008
1423Australian Rules Football Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]09.sep.2007
556Autotest Simulator Byte Back [1991]09.sep.2007
502Avenger (The Way of the Tiger II) Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]05.mar.2012
488Aztec Challenge U.S. Gold [unkn]25.aug.2008
5322Aztec Challenge Cosmi Inc. [unkn]08.may.2011
3814Aztec Challenge Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]15.mar.2012
35Aztec Challenge [Arcade Hall of Fame]U.S. Gold [unkn]15.jun.2012
4581B-24 U.S. Gold [unkn]15.mar.2012
299B.C. II: Grog's Revenge U.S. Gold [1984]12.feb.2012
1396Back to Reality Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]11.oct.2008
36Back to the Future Electric Dreams Software [1986]06.jan.2008
1075Back to the Future Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
5848Back to the Future MCM Software [unkn]11.oct.2008
2212Back to the Future II Imageworks Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
2206Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja Imagine Software Ltd. [1988]14.may.2011
1029Bad Dudes VS. Dragonninja Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]10.jun.2012
1294Ballcrazy Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]07.dec.2011
1424Bangers & Mash Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]25.jun.2012
953Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior U.S. Gold (Kixx Legends) [1990]03.jun.2012
3278Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior [We Are The Champions]Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]06.nov.2011
3613Barrel Jump [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
201Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing [Star Games One]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]13.aug.2008
253Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing Activision, Inc. [1985]17.may.2011
965Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]18.feb.2011
731Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]15.apr.2009
3288Basil The Great Mouse Detective [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
2266Basildon Bond [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
4009Basket Master [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
3812Bat Attack Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]24.may.2011
168Batalyx [Five Star]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]21.jun.2011
689Batalyx Ariolasoft Ltd. [unkn]18.feb.2012
4462Bath Time Personal Software Services [unkn]25.jun.2008
6043Batman Erbe Software [unkn]31.mar.2009
682Batman Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]10.jun.2012
2639Batman the Movie Ocean Software Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
3540Batman: The Caped Crusader Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
994Batman: The Caped Crusader Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]06.jun.2012
1116Battle Ships Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1988]25.may.2012
1512Battle Valley Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [unkn]20.may.2012
1309Bazooka Bill Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]05.mar.2012
4474BC II: Grog's Revenge Powerhouse Publishing Ltd. [unkn]12.oct.2008
531BC's Quest for Tires Software Projects Ltd. [unkn]11.feb.2012
1744Beach Buggy Simulator Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]25.may.2012
1336Beach Head II U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]18.mar.2012
199Beach Head II [Star Games One]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]12.aug.2008
880Beach-Head U.S. Gold [1985]25.jul.2012
205Beach-Head [They Sold a Million]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]23.jun.2009
39Beach-Head II U.S. Gold [1985]14.feb.2012
5849Beach-Head II Erbe Software [unkn]18.may.2012
1390Beaky and the Eggsnatchers [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]07.feb.2010
6058Beam Erbe Software [unkn]17.aug.2010
588Beam Rider [Softaid]Band-Aid Trust [1985]15.nov.2010
2735Bear Bovver Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]24.may.2011
6359Bear Bovver Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]02.oct.2012
1275Beat-It Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]19.sep.2011
2576Better Dead Than Alien Electra [1988]27.may.2012
312Biathlon [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
1703Biff Beyond Belief Software [1991]04.aug.2012
1967Big Trouble in Little China Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]17.mar.2009
1038Bigfoot CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]08.jul.2008
2012Biggles Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]01.may.2011
1045Biggles Mirrorsoft Ltd. [1986]07.jun.2012
605Bigtop Barney Interceptor Software [unkn]03.jun.2008
6354Bilder Puzzle Europa Computer-Club [unkn]07.nov.2011
4945Biology 'O' Level Calisto [unkn]06.apr.2012
1366Bionic Commando U.S. Gold (Go!) [1987]24.may.2012
6085Bionic Commandos [Vitaminas]Erbe Software [unkn]26.apr.2009
1258Bionic Granny Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]04.jan.2008
3585Bismarck Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]24.jun.2012
251Black Hawk Creative Sparks [1984]08.nov.2011
3627Black Hole [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1961Black Hornet Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
2068Black Lamp Firebird [1987]21.may.2012
2354Black Tiger U.S. Gold [1990]03.jun.2012
383Blackwyche Ultimate Play the Game [1985]18.feb.2012
1310Blackwyche Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1987]16.dec.2012
1439Blagger Alligata Software Ltd. [1983]15.feb.2010
4825Blagger [Blagger + Rocket Roger]Budgie [unkn]24.may.2011
302Blagger Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]06.feb.2010
2020Blagger [Chartbuster]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]26.sep.2010
2259Blagger Goes to Hollywood [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
5605Blaze Out Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]12.oct.2008
1753Blazing Thunder Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]28.dec.2008
1005Blockbusters Macsen Software Ltd. [unkn]08.jul.2008
5792Blood Money Psygnosis [unkn]04.jun.2012
1121Blood'n Guts [4 Action Hits]American Action AB [unkn]05.mar.2012
34Blue Max [Arcade Hall of Fame]U.S. Gold [unkn]15.jun.2012
303Blue Max U.S. Gold [1984]14.jun.2012
3568Blue Thunder Richard Wilcox Software [unkn]17.aug.2007
691BMX 2 Simulator [QUATTRO Racers]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
694BMX Freestyle [QUATTRO Racers]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1180BMX Freestyle CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]29.jun.2011
6482BMX Hyper Biker Simulator Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]21.may.2012
5669BMX Jungle Bike Reelax Games [unkn]09.aug.2012
1087BMX Kidz Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]20.may.2012
4204BMX Kidz [123]Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]27.sep.2009
5978BMX Racers Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]02.dec.2011
4813BMX Racers Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]12.oct.2008
4830BMX Racers Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]09.jan.2012
975BMX Racers Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]01.jan.2013
1207BMX Simulator [QUATTRO Sports]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]21.may.2012
923BMX Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1986]04.mar.2012
1831BMX Trials Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]14.jul.2007
528Bobby Bearing Softek International Ltd. (The Edge) [1986]04.mar.2012
3081Bobsleigh Byte Back [unkn]09.sep.2007
1970Bod Squad Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
3602Boggles [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
490Bomb Fusion Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]06.jan.2008
1447Bomb Jack Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1988]25.may.2012
6095Bomb Jack II Zafiro Software Division (Zafi Chip) [unkn]03.may.2009
924Bomb Jack II Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1989]02.jun.2012
1051Bongo Anirog Software [unkn]20.feb.2010
925Booty Firebird [unkn]06.sep.2011
1276Bosconian Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]03.aug.2007
306Boulder Dash State Soft Ltd. [1984]08.may.2012
4453Boulder Dash [Pack of Aces]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]14.apr.2009
343Boulder Dash Construction Kit Databyte [1986]04.mar.2012
4762Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Revenge Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]07.nov.2011
5030Boulder Dash IV: The Game Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]26.sep.2010
629Bounty Bob Strikes Back! U.S. Gold [1985]11.feb.2012
1818Brainstorm Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]24.may.2012
5246Brands Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]17.nov.2011
4844Brands Alligata Software Ltd. [1983]04.sep.2007
1337Break Dance U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]28.feb.2012
234Breakdance [Epyx Epics]U.S. Gold [unkn]06.apr.2009
2346Breakthru U.S. Gold [1986]05.mar.2012
1639Breakthru Erbe Software [unkn]20.dec.2009
2556Bride of Frankenstein [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
344Bristles State Soft Ltd. [1984]19.oct.2008
206Bruce Lee [They Sold a Million II]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.oct.2010
685Bruce Lee U.S. Gold (Americana) [1988]24.may.2012
1708Bruce Lee U.S. Gold [1984]08.jul.2012
365Bubble Bobble Firebird [1987]15.mar.2012
1027Bubble Bobble Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]11.jun.2012
1001Bubble Dizzy CodeMasters Ltd. [1992]14.jun.2012
729Buckaroo Banzai [Scott Adams Scoops]U.S. Gold (Master Games) [unkn]15.apr.2009
1640Bug Blitz Ariolasoft Ltd. [unkn]19.oct.2008
4185Bugblaster Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]12.sep.2011
2022Bugblaster [Chartbuster]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]26.sep.2010
868Buggy Boy Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1990]03.jun.2012
230Buggy Boy Elite Systems Ltd. [1987]18.mar.2012
1043Bulldog Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]05.mar.2012
3291Bulldog [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
1581Bullseye Macsen Software Ltd. [1984]19.oct.2008
1797Bully's Sporting Darts Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]11.jul.2012
929Bump Set Spike! Doubles Volleyball Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1986]19.oct.2008
832Bunny Zap Krypton Force [unkn]01.apr.2011
1750Burger Chase Supersoft [unkn]15.jun.2011
1455Burger Riot [Triple Decker 3]Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]26.jun.2010
247Burger Time Interceptor Software [1984]19.oct.2008
6163Burnin' Rubber Audiogenic Software Ltd. [unkn]09.oct.2010
6604Butterfly Eurogold [unkn]09.jul.2011
4675C.O.D.E Hunter Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]20.may.2012
776Cabal Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]11.jun.2012
1598Cage Match Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1987]08.jul.2012
43California Games U.S. Gold [1987]14.mar.2012
1216California Games U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1990]05.jun.2010
5794California Games Erbe Software [unkn]20.aug.2008
6413California Gold Rush Software Supersavers Ltd. [unkn]07.nov.2011
678Camelot Warriors Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
3614Cannonball Battle [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
5994Canoeing Eurogold [unkn]08.feb.2012
721Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann U.S. Gold (Go!) [1987]29.mar.2012
3374Captain Blood Infogrames [1988]15.oct.2012
964Captive, The Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]14.feb.2012
1119Captured [4 Action Hits]American Action AB [unkn]05.mar.2012
1665Carnage Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]27.sep.2009
6488Castle of Skull Lord Samurai Software [unkn]29.jan.2012
993Cauldron Palace Software Ltd. [1985]11.feb.2012
992Cauldron Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]30.nov.2013
1637Cauldron [Cauldron I & II]Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2008
2260Cauldron [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
3743Cauldron [NOW Games 2]Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
1638Cauldron II [Cauldron I & II]Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2008
739Cauldron II [Hit Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]03.feb.2010
719Cauldron II [Five Star Games II]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]04.apr.2009
663Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back [Computer Classics]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]07.feb.2012
4430Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]25.may.2012
3951Cave Fighter Bubble Bus Software [1984]08.jul.2012
1136Cavelon Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]25.jul.2012
5520Caverns of Doom Microdeal Software [unkn]29.may.2011
1068Caverns of Eriban Firebird [1985]01.mar.2012
6685Caverns of Sillahc Interceptor Software [unkn]11.feb.2012
6605Caves of 64 Eurogold [unkn]09.jul.2011
1641Chain Reaction Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]29.jun.2011
5321Chain Reaction Euro-Byte [1983]24.jan.2011
449Chameleon Electric Dreams Software [1986]06.mar.2012
665Championship 3D Snooker Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]14.jun.2012
321Championship Backgammon [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
236Championship Baseball [Sports Pack, The]Gamestar (Activision, Inc.) [1987]08.may.2012
5627Championship Baseball [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
5551Championship Baseball Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]14.jun.2012
5607Championship Basketball Two on Two [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
237Championship Basketball Two-on-Two [Sports Pack, The]Gamestar (Activision, Inc.) [unkn]08.may.2012
709Championship Basketball: Two-on-Two Gamestar (Activision, Inc.) [unkn]02.mar.2012
692Championship Jet Ski [QUATTRO Racers]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
4014Championship Sprint [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
1642Championship Sprint Proein Soft Line [unkn]20.oct.2008
465Chevy Chase Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1991]08.dec.2007
1069Chickin Chase Firebird [unkn]13.feb.2012
1257Chickin Chase Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
940Chiller Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]26.sep.2010
6747Chimera Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]08.jul.2012
5682China Miner Interceptor Software [unkn]28.jun.2008
6549China Miner Interceptor Software [unkn]14.may.2011
4350China Miner Interceptor Software [unkn]01.oct.2009
485Chinese Juggler Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]24.jul.2012
4369Cholo Firebird (Gold Edition) [unkn]09.mar.2012
3687Chomper Man Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]24.oct.2009
4178Chuckie Egg Pick & Choose [unkn]23.may.2011
72Circus [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
2016Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race Mirrorsoft Ltd. (Image Works) [1991]24.sep.2012
487City Fighter Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]25.aug.2008
1720CJ's Elephant Antics CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]07.jun.2012
2558Classic Snooker [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
1998Clean Up Service Players [1987]08.jul.2012
6293Cluedo [Mind-Stretchers (noname)]Leisure Genius [unkn]07.nov.2011
1015Cobra Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
5699Codename Mat II Domark Ltd. [unkn]18.feb.2012
1387Codename Matt II [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.feb.2010
1852Collapse Firebird [1985]02.mar.2012
4262Colossus Chess 4 CDS Software [unkn]05.aug.2007
6093Colossus Chess 4 Zafiro Software Division (Z Cobra) [unkn]11.oct.2009
654Colossus Chess 4 CDS Software [unkn]18.feb.2012
1346Combat Zone Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]08.jul.2012
353Comic Bakery Imagine Software Ltd. [1985]07.feb.2010
4561Commando Elite Systems Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012
4115Commando Elite Systems Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012
1104Commando Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]25.may.2012
6157Commodore Computer Club Nº13 Editorial G.T.S. [unkn]17.sep.2009
5037Commodore Force Reel Action #2 Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]12.may.2010
5078Commodore Format Power Pack 15 Future Publishing [1991]02.nov.2010
5082Commodore Format Power Pack 18 Future Publishing [1992]02.nov.2010
5083Commodore Format Power Pack 19 Future Publishing [1992]02.nov.2010
5103Commodore Format Power Pack 23 Future Publishing [1992]01.nov.2010
5104Commodore Format Power Pack 24 Future Publishing [1992]15.nov.2010
5055Commodore Format Power Pack 6 Future Publishing [unkn]04.jul.2010
49Computer Maniacs 1989 Diary Domark Ltd. [1988]13.aug.2008
2033Con-Quest Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]08.jul.2012
582Conan U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]28.feb.2012
6089Confused? Compulogical S.A. [unkn]30.apr.2009
3297Confuzion [Mind Benders]Domark Ltd. [1990]19.jun.2011
1475Confuzion [4 Most Toppers]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]29.feb.2008
937Continental Circus Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]07.jun.2012
714Convoy Raider Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]14.mar.2012
3286Convoy Raider [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
681Cops 'n' Robbers Atlantis Software Ltd. (Gold) [unkn]08.may.2012
5632Corporation [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]29.oct.2010
2618Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer II Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
3780Cosmic Commando [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
530Cosmic Commando Anirog Software [unkn]05.jan.2008
1930Cosmic Pirate Byte Back [1989]03.jun.2012
3342Cosmic Split Personal Software Services [1983]07.jun.2012
1736Cosmonut CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]08.jul.2012
489Count Duckula 2 Featuring Tremendous Terence Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]25.jun.2012
1150Count Duckula in No Sax Please - We're Egyptian Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]23.feb.2008
710Countdown Domark Ltd. (TV Games) [unkn]14.aug.2008
1295Countdown to Meltdown Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]16.aug.2008
3517Counter Attack OIC Ltd. [unkn]09.aug.2012
1860Cowboy Kidz Byte Back [1989]09.sep.2007
1651Crack-Up [4 Game Pack No. 1]Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]15.dec.2007
2716Crack-Up Atlantis Software Ltd. [1989]25.aug.2009
6674Cracks of Fire Supersoft [unkn]10.jun.2011
1813Crazy Balloon Software Projects Ltd. [1983]27.may.2012
1028Crazy Cars Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]22.oct.2008
4698Crazy Caveman Merlin Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
2262Crazy Comets [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
355Crazy Comets Software Communications (Martech) [1985]18.feb.2012
3700Crazy Comets Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1987]16.dec.2012
1567Crazy Kong Supersoft [1983]05.sep.2011
4356Crazy Kong Interceptor Software [unkn]14.may.2011
323Crazy Men [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
938Creations CodeMasters Ltd. [unkn]20.may.2012
1131CREATURES U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1992]25.jun.2012
2898Creatures [Thalamus The Hits 2]Thalamus [1991]30.oct.2010
5665Cricket 64 CRL [1984]11.nov.2010
4236Cricket Captain Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]08.dec.2007
857Cricket Crazy Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]06.mar.2011
5549Critical Mass Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]22.oct.2008
1650Crossfire [4 Game Pack No. 1]Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]15.dec.2007
6689Crusade in Europe Microprose Software Ltd. [unkn]16.feb.2012
6703Crush, Crumble and Chomp! EPYX Inc. [unkn]19.jun.2011
769Crystal Castles U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1989]03.jun.2012
1505Cup Football Cult [1989]07.oct.2007
491Curse of Sherwood, The Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]25.aug.2008
2825Cyberball [Tengen Trilogy, The]Domark Ltd. [1991]20.jun.2011
463Cyclons Rabbit Software [1983]04.jan.2008
5880Cyclons Rabbit Software [unkn]03.sep.2012
2311Cylu Firebird [unkn]02.oct.2012
2056D-Bug Ariolasoft Ltd. [1983]14.jan.2012
4155Daley Thompson's Decathlon Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1989]02.jun.2012
385Daley Thompson's Decathlon Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]05.oct.2010
202Daley Thompson's Decathlon [They Sold a Million]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]23.jun.2009
686Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.jun.2010
935Daley Thompson's Super-Test Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.jun.2010
6189Dam Busters, The Erbe Software [unkn]12.nov.2009
690Dambusters Powerhouse Publishing Ltd. [unkn]14.jul.2008
668Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1989]29.may.2012
1312Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]08.jul.2012
50Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Virgin Games Ltd. [1986]03.mar.2012
6651Dancing Feats Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]08.jul.2012
1464Dandy [4 Most Megaheroes]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]03.oct.2008
2567Dandy [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
5614Dandy [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
51Dandy Electric Dreams Software [1986]06.mar.2012
716Dandy [Five Star Games II]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]04.apr.2009
5324Danger Mouse in Double Trouble Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]22.oct.2008
2404Dark Fusion Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]21.jun.2011
572Dark Star Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]05.jan.2008
6469Davy King of the Wild Frontier Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]12.jun.2011
6752Day the Universe Died, The [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
53Days of Thunder Mindscape [1990]25.oct.2012
2562Deactivators [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
554Deadenders Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]24.dec.2012
1574Deadly Evil Players (Players Premier) [1990]22.oct.2008
939Death Race Atlantis Software Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
1008Death Star Rabbit Software [unkn]18.jul.2008
3949Death Star Interceptor System 3 Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
735Decathlon [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]16.apr.2009
583Decathlon Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]10.mar.2012
774Defender 64 Interceptor Software [unkn]14.mar.2009
4172Defenders of the Earth Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]10.jun.2012
2637Delta Thalamus [1987]09.mar.2012
1589Demon Blue Micro Value [1991]17.jun.2012
1832Demons Kiss Byte Back [1990]10.sep.2007
2708Demons of Topaz Firebird (Gold Edition) [1984]28.nov.2009
1732Denarius Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]14.mar.2012
3777Denis Through the Drinking Glass [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
2700Depth Charge Commodore [unkn]04.oct.2010
3630Derby Dash [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
4418Derby Day [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]15.may.2012
6811Derby Day [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]17.sep.2012
5764Desert Fox U.S. Gold [unkn]25.feb.2012
1362Desert Fox U.S. Gold [1986]16.jun.2007
5357Designer's Pencil, The Activision UK Ltd. [unkn]20.jun.2011
4742Designer's Pencil, The Activision, Inc. [unkn]09.may.2008
1452Destructo Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]15.mar.2012
873Devastating Blow Beyond Belief Software [unkn]25.oct.2009
6155Devil's Island Gilsoft [unkn]08.aug.2012
3106Dicky's Diamonds Romik Software Ltd. [unkn]31.may.2012
6877Dicky's Diamonds [Zzap! Megatape 9]Zzap! [1990]16.jul.2014
4566Dictator Dk'Tronics Ltd. [1983]25.nov.2009
4677Dig Dug Datasoft Inc. [unkn]02.oct.2012
980Dizzy [QUATTRO Adventure]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]23.aug.2008
1774Dizzy CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]08.jul.2012
2884Dizzy Down the Rapids [Dizzy's Excellent Adventures]CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]19.nov.2010
1740Dizzy Down the Rapids CodeMasters Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
2883Dizzy Panic [Dizzy's Excellent Adventures]CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]16.nov.2010
2885Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk [Dizzy's Excellent Adventures]CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]19.nov.2010
862DM - Double Trouble [4 Most Cute]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2009
3629Do Your Sums [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
2128Dominator System 3 Software Ltd. [1989]02.jun.2012
4618Dominion [Zzap! Megatape 7]Zzap! [unkn]15.jun.2012
2463Donald Duck's Playground U.S. Gold [1984]18.feb.2012
6756Donkey Kong Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]08.jul.2012
5227Donkey Kong Erbe Software [unkn]17.aug.2010
1425Double Dare Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
3130Double Dragon II: The Revenge Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]03.jun.2012
3490Double Dragon II: The Revenge Virgin Games Ltd. (Tronix) [unkn]24.oct.2008
2524Double Dragon III: Rosetta Stone Storm/Sales Curve [1991]29.may.2011
722Double Take Ocean Software Ltd. [1987]06.mar.2012
1003Double, The Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]12.jul.2008
1041Draconus Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1988]23.may.2012
2447Dragon Spirit Domark Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
6296Dragonriders of Pern [Blockbuster]ECP [unkn]07.nov.2011
775Dropzone U.K. Gold Ltd. [1985]13.feb.2012
525Druid Firebird [1986]02.mar.2012
547Duel, The: Test Drive II Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]11.jan.2008
3628Dynamite [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
661Dynamite Dan [Computer Classics]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]07.feb.2012
2263Dynamite Dan [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
6017Eagle Empire Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]24.may.2011
2019Eagle Empire [Chartbuster]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]26.sep.2010
4852Earthquake Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]01.may.2011
476Edd the Duck! Zeppelin Games Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
4952Egbert Games Machine Ltd. [unkn]08.may.2011
4989Eidolon, The Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [unkn]21.feb.2011
1534Election Game, The Mastertronic Ltd. (299 Range) [unkn]22.sep.2009
388Empire of Karn Interceptor Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
497Empire Strikes Back, The (Star Wars) Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]29.jan.2011
3486Enduro Racer Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1989]02.jun.2012
2627Enduro Racer Activision, Inc. [1987]21.jun.2011
5624Enduro Racer [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
3985Enigma Force Beyond [unkn]25.feb.2012
6090Enlightenment Druid II Dro Soft [unkn]30.apr.2009
207Entombed [They Sold a Million II]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.oct.2010
3424Entombed Ultimate Play the Game [1985]13.feb.2012
996Escape From Doomworld Byte Back [unkn]30.jan.2010
3541Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1992]24.jun.2012
2827Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters [Tengen Trilogy, The]Domark Ltd. [1991]20.jun.2011
4565Escape-MCP Rabbit Software [1983]01.oct.2009
2424Espionage Island Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]22.jan.2012
3206Eureka! Domark Ltd. [1985]17.nov.2011
1575Euro Boss Challenge Software [1991]12.sep.2011
1847European 5-A-Side Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]25.may.2012
737European Five-A-Side [Hit Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]03.feb.2010
870European Soccer Challenge Players [1990]25.oct.2009
2698Evil Dead, The Palace Software Ltd. [unkn]04.feb.2010
1261Excaliba Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]20.aug.2008
3639Exchange [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1070Exodus Firebird [1984]28.nov.2009
2721Exolon Hewson Consultants Ltd. [1987]14.mar.2012
195Exolon [Four Smash Hits from Hewson]Hewson Consultants Ltd. [unkn]20.jul.2008
1747Exploding Wall Byte Back [1990]01.apr.2012
5611Explorer [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
2139Express Raider U.S. Gold [1987]08.mar.2012
3225F-15 Strike Eagle U.S. Gold [1985]15.jan.2012
3501F-16 Combat Pilot Digital Integration (Action Sixteen) [1992]31.oct.2009
3099Fabulous Wanda and the Secret of Life, the Universe and Everything, The Games Machine Ltd. [1983]30.oct.2010
2027Face Ache Commodore [unkn]29.jan.2012
595Falcon Patrol [Softaid]Band-Aid Trust [1985]22.nov.2010
475Falcon Patrol Virgin Games Ltd. [1983]08.may.2012
3986Falklands 82 Personal Software Services [unkn]17.sep.2012
1764Fantastic Soccer Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1990]11.jul.2012
1181Fantasy World Dizzy CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]07.may.2012
2008Fast Food CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]03.jun.2012
633Fast Food [QUATTRO Coin-Ops]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [1992]18.jul.2008
1448Feud Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]10.mar.2012
5488Fiends Eurogold [unkn]23.jan.2011
80Fight Night U.S. Gold [1985]24.feb.2012
5781Fight Night U.S. Gold [unkn]07.aug.2008
154Fighter Pilot [They Sold a Million 3]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]24.jun.2009
2357Fighting Soccer Activision UK Ltd. [1989]26.may.2011
1663Fighting Warrior Melbourne House Ltd. [1985]25.oct.2008
2397Final Fight U.S. Gold [1991]12.jun.2012
571Finders Keepers Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]15.feb.2012
4540Fire Ant Mogul Communications Ltd. [1983]24.oct.2009
1604Firelord Players [unkn]06.jun.2012
3447Firelord [Five Star III]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]17.nov.2011
966Firelord Hewson Consultants Ltd. [unkn]05.mar.2012
1426Fireman Sam Alternative Software Ltd. [1991]02.oct.2009
2388Firetrack Electric Dreams Software [1987]08.mar.2012
5623Firetrap [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
1885Fist Fighter Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]02.oct.2009
5974Fist II: La Leyenda Continua Erbe Software [unkn]04.jan.2009
6441Fizz K'soft Ltd. [unkn]02.may.2011
596Flak [Softaid]Band-Aid Trust [1985]22.nov.2010
1296Flash Gordon Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]05.mar.2012
389Flight Path 737 Anirog Software [1984]04.jan.2009
6652Flight Path 737 Anirog Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
5713Flight Simulator Anger Productions [unkn]13.may.2011
390Flip & Flop State Soft Ltd. [1984]15.feb.2010
824Flyer Fox TYMAC Ltd. [1984]16.feb.2012
669Flying Feathers Bubble Bus Software [1984]04.jan.2009
6039Flying Feathers Bubble Bus Software [unkn]17.sep.2012
1989Football Director Cult [1988]26.jul.2010
391Footballer of the Year Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1986]08.may.2012
3726Footballer of the Year 2 GBH [unkn]11.jun.2012
961Forbidden Forest U.S. Gold [1983]26.sep.2010
5575Forbidden Fruit Krypton Force [unkn]01.may.2011
3610Force Field [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1095Force One Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]11.mar.2012
3638Force, The [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
6503Forestland Supersoft [1983]11.jun.2011
86Forgotten Worlds U.S. Gold [1989]08.jul.2012
483Forgotten Worlds U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]25.aug.2008
586Formula 1 Simulator Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]01.mar.2012
822Fort Apocalypse U.S. Gold [unkn]23.nov.2008
1900Frank Bruno's Boxing Elite Systems Ltd. [1985]18.feb.2012
1114Frank Bruno's Boxing Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]26.sep.2010
1182Frankenstein Jnr. CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]28.aug.2009
641Frankenstein Jnr. [QUATTRO Cartoon]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.may.2008
4894Frantic Freddie Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]08.jul.2012
1412Freddy Hardest Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]11.may.2008
997Frenesis Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
71Frenzy [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
1386Friday the 13th [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]07.feb.2010
3893Frightmare Alternative Software (Summit) [1989]31.oct.2009
6768Frightmare Cascade Games Ltd. [1989]19.jan.2012
512Frogger 64 Interceptor Software [1983]16.feb.2010
2758Froggy Galactic Software [1983]13.jun.2011
5061Froggy Krypton Force [1984]19.dec.2009
5976Front Line Interceptor Software [unkn]04.jan.2009
1780Fruit Machine Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]20.may.2012
631Fruit Machine Simulator [QUATTRO Coin-Ops]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [1992]18.jul.2008
1922Fruit Machine Simulator 2 CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]04.jan.2009
610Fruity Players [1986]04.aug.2007
846Future Bike Simulator Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]25.oct.2009
1063Future Knight Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1986]06.mar.2012
3591Galactic Attack [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3598Galactic Dog Fight [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
2030Galax-i-Birds Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]01.mar.2012
6704Galaxian [Zzap! Megatape Thirty Four]Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]20.jun.2012
3771Galaxy [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
944Galdregons Domain Players [unkn]18.feb.2008
960Game Over Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]02.aug.2010
4890Game Over II Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]16.jun.2012
6249Games Designer Euro-Byte [1983]22.jan.2011
613Gandalf the Sorcerer TYMAC Ltd. [1984]04.aug.2007
1521Gangster Mindscape (Light Fantastic) [unkn]04.jan.2009
467Gaplus Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
89Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]26.sep.2010
930Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]18.feb.2008
4526Gauntlet U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]05.nov.2011
5977Gauntlet Erbe Software [unkn]17.aug.2010
4321Gauntlet [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]28.oct.2012
2133Gauntlet [Gauntlet / Xevious]U.S. Gold [unkn]23.nov.2008
2249Gauntlet II U.S. Gold [1986]09.apr.2012
4341Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons U.S. Gold [unkn]01.may.2011
2198Gazza II Empire Software [1990]07.jun.2012
5619Gee Bee Air Rally [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
2257Geoff Capes Strongman [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
1086Gerry the Germ Goes Body Poppin' Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]27.nov.2009
1995Ghost Hunters CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
978Ghost Hunters [QUATTRO Adventure]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]23.aug.2008
157Ghostbusters [They Sold a Million 3]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]24.jun.2009
238Ghostbusters Activision, Inc. [1984]05.oct.2010
5616Ghostbusters [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
1315Ghostbusters Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]04.jan.2009
3623Ghosts [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1519Ghosts 'n Goblins Elite Systems Ltd. [1985]01.mar.2012
1109Ghosts'n Goblins Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1989]03.jun.2012
780Ghouls 'N' Ghosts U.S. Gold [1989]03.jun.2012
129Gilbert Escape from Drill Enigma Variations [1989]02.jun.2012
1679Gilligan's Gold Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]13.sep.2011
593Gilligan's Gold [Softaid]Band-Aid Trust [1985]22.nov.2010
1597Gladiators Alternative Software (Summit) [1993]12.jul.2012
3757Glider Rider Grandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte) [unkn]11.may.2008
5643Glug Glug CRL [unkn]06.oct.2009
934Go for the Gold U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]26.sep.2010
293Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan Commodore [unkn]06.oct.2009
1749Goblin Towers Supersoft [1984]05.sep.2011
1530Gogo the Ghost Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
931Gogo the Ghost Firebird [unkn]26.sep.2010
1158Gold or Glory Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]06.mar.2011
2371Golden Axe Virgin Games Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
5681Golf Abrasco Ltd. [unkn]26.jul.2008
5010Golf Kerian Ltd. [unkn]07.nov.2011
2703Goodness Gracious Beyond [unkn]02.oct.2009
2675Gothik Firebird [1988]23.may.2012
1138Graeme Souness Soccer Manager Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]24.feb.2008
394Graham Gooch's Test Cricket Audiogenic Software Ltd. [1985]16.feb.2012
1067Grand Monster Slam Golden Goblins [1989]02.jun.2012
1173Grand Prix Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]08.may.2012
1204Grand Prix Simulator [QUATTRO Sports]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]21.may.2012
1157Grandmaster Chess [Grandmaster Chess & Renaissan]Audiogenic Software Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2008
871Graphic Editor Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]31.jan.2010
6700Graphics Designer Supersoft [1984]30.nov.2013
3542Graphics Editor Rabbit Software [unkn]11.jan.2008
6021Great Adventure Pack Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]06.mar.2011
733Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]15.apr.2009
856Great Escape, The Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
6051Great Escape, The Erbe Software [unkn]17.aug.2010
5897Great Giana Sisters, The U.S. Gold (Go!) [1987]24.may.2012
1105Great Gurianos Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]10.jun.2012
4412Great Gurianos [Trio]Hit-Pak [1987]04.jan.2009
5898Great Nordic War, The Romik Software Ltd. [unkn]05.apr.2012
162Green Beret [Konami Coin-op Hits]Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]13.aug.2008
95Green Beret Imagine Software Ltd. [1986]29.feb.2012
6751Gribbly's Special Day Out [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
621Grid Iron 2 Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]04.aug.2007
6337Gridrunner Llamasoft Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
2531Gridtrap Livewire Software Ltd. [1983]02.may.2011
1316Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]27.may.2012
6186Gryphon Microbyte [unkn]06.oct.2009
96Gryzor Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]23.may.2012
5625Guadalcanal [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
4407Guardian [Action Pack]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]19.aug.2007
6187Guardian Central Software [unkn]06.may.2010
1174Guardian Angel CodeMasters Ltd. [unkn]04.jan.2008
652Guardian Angel [QUATTRO Fighters]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
3478Guardian II: Revenge of the Mutants Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]08.dec.2007
581Gun Runner Powerhouse Publishing Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
811Gunship Microprose Software Ltd. [1986]08.mar.2012
1074Gunstar Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
2747Gusher Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [unkn]02.oct.2009
2092Guzzler Interceptor Software [unkn]16.sep.2010
2529Gyropod Taskset Ltd. [1984]29.aug.2009
946Gyroscope Melbourne House Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012
6188H.A.T.E. (Hostile All Terrain Encounter) Erbe Software [unkn]06.oct.2009
5765Hacker Activision, Inc. [unkn]16.feb.2012
1278Hacker II - The Doomsday Papers Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]31.oct.2009
793Hammerfist Activision UK Ltd. [unkn]03.jun.2012
6813Handicap Golf [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]17.sep.2012
4420Handicap Golf [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]15.may.2012
3605Hangman [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3507Hangman III McGraw-Hill [unkn]11.may.2008
1786Happiest Days of Your Life, The Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]27.nov.2009
2052Harbour Attack Commodore [unkn]28.jun.2008
606Hard Drivin' Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1992]14.jun.2012
97HardBall! U.S. Gold [unkn]25.feb.2012
1862Harrier Attack! Durell Software [1983]08.jul.2012
1078Harvey Headbanger Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]05.mar.2012
257Haunted House Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]16.feb.2010
1052Havoc Dynavision Productions [1984]07.feb.2010
869Head Over Heels Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
99Head over Heels Ocean Software Ltd. [1987]11.mar.2012
1931Headache Firebird [1984]20.sep.2011
500Headcoach Addictive Games Ltd. [1986]10.mar.2012
380Heartland Odin Computer Graphics Ltd. [1986]12.mar.2012
2053Heathrow Air Traffic Control Hewson Consultants Ltd. [unkn]13.may.2011
4123Heavy Metal Paradroid Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1988]28.dec.2008
558Hektik Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]03.jan.2013
3329Hell Gate Llamasoft Software [1984]08.feb.2012
1482Hellfire Attack [4 Most Air Power]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
478HERO Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]27.nov.2009
6409Herobotix Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.apr.2010
1955Herobotix Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1987]21.may.2012
628Heroes of Karn Interceptor Software [1983]08.jul.2012
3207Heroes of the Lance U.S. Gold [1989]08.jul.2012
3774Hexpert [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]02.jan.2008
1428Hideous Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]04.feb.2010
5631High Frontier: An SDI Wargame [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]29.oct.2010
3637High Rise [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1535Hobbit, The [Tolkien Trilogy, The]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]20.jun.2011
1821Hole in One Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]08.jul.2012
981Hollywood or Bust Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]02.mar.2012
4125Hollywood Poker Players [unkn]26.apr.2010
1707Hong Kong Phooey Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]02.oct.2009
2423Hoodoo Voodoo Bug-Byte [1986]02.mar.2012
2320Horace Goes Skiing Melbourne House Ltd. [1984]17.aug.2011
258Hover Bovver Llamasoft Software [1983]24.jul.2012
1317How to be a Complete Bastard Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]13.apr.2011
864Howard the Duck [4 Most Cute]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2009
1721Human Race, The Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1986]28.apr.2010
1010Hunchback Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]09.jul.2008
3770Hunchback [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]02.jan.2008
399Hunchback II: Quasimodo's Revenge Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]07.feb.2010
1803Hungry Horace Melbourne House Ltd. [1983]26.sep.2010
1262Hunter Patrol Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]08.may.2012
2173Hunter's Moon Thalamus [1987]24.jan.2011
2739Hustler Bubble Bus Software [1983]28.apr.2010
5795Huxley Pig Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.jun.2012
481Huxley Pig Alternative Software Ltd. [1990]07.jun.2012
400Hyper Biker Personal Software Services [unkn]08.jul.2012
164Hyper Sports [Konami Coin-op Hits]Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]02.aug.2008
1037Hyper Sports Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
3138Hyper Sports Imagine Software Ltd. [1984]15.feb.2012
1279Hyperbowl Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]09.mar.2012
4409Hypercircuit [Action Pack]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]19.aug.2007
6746Hysteria Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]03.jan.2013
1093I Ball II Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1988]20.may.2012
4403I, Ball [Action Pack]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.oct.2008
499I, Ball Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]25.aug.2008
743I, Ball [Action Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1990]03.feb.2010
5796I, Ball Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]25.aug.2008
4692I-Xera Powerhouse Publishing Ltd. [unkn]25.may.2012
4010Ian Botham's Test Match [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
3280IK+ [We Are The Champions]Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]07.nov.2011
3683Ikari Warriors Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1990]03.jun.2012
1083Imagination Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]09.mar.2012
4940Imhotep Ultimate Play the Game [1985]11.feb.2012
231Impossible Mission [Epyx Epics]U.S. Gold [unkn]06.apr.2009
2148Impossible Mission II U.S. Gold [1988]23.may.2012
5524In the Beginning Mosaic Publishing [unkn]01.jun.2008
2523Inca Curse Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]22.jan.2012
4307Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game [Indiana Jones & the Last Crus]Lucasfilm Games [unkn]08.sep.2007
5196Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game U.S. Gold [unkn]03.jun.2012
5209Indoor Soccer [4 Soccer Simulators]CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]06.jun.2012
401Indoor Sports Advance Software Promotions Ltd. [1987]21.sep.2012
3622Inferno [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
6070Infiltrator Erbe Software [unkn]28.apr.2010
2607Infiltrator U.S. Gold [1986]08.may.2012
4325Infiltrator [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]27.oct.2012
260International Basketball Commodore [1985]12.feb.2012
4451International Karate [Pack of Aces]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]14.apr.2009
881International Karate + Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
1175International Rugby Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
261International Tennis Commodore [1985]14.feb.2012
524Into the Eagles Nest Pandora [1987]09.mar.2012
664Into the Eagles Nest [Computer Classics]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]07.feb.2012
3621Intruder [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
317Intruders [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
1612IO Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1991]12.jun.2012
6082Iridis Alpha Erbe Software [unkn]14.nov.2009
2565Iridis Alpha [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
5617ISS: Incredible Shrinking Sphere [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
2121Italy 1990 - Winners Edition U.S. Gold [1990]08.jul.2012
772Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Virgin Games Ltd. (Tronix) [1992]24.jun.2012
3600Ivasive Action [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
656Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1992]25.jun.2012
3287Jack the Nipper II in Coconut Capers [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
373Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
1449Jackle & Wide Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]15.mar.2012
117James Bond 007 in the Living Daylights: The Computer Game Domark Ltd. [1987]08.jul.2012
3572James Bond 007: Licence To Kill Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]10.jun.2012
1864Jaws Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]09.sep.2007
1039Jeep Command Bug-Byte [unkn]03.mar.2012
3619Jet Flight [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
2329Jet Set Willy Software Projects Ltd. [unkn]05.sep.2011
204Jet Set Willy [They Sold a Million]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]23.jun.2009
1147Jet-Power Jack Micro Power Ltd. [unkn]24.may.2011
3636Jetmobile [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
4260Jewels of Babylon Interceptor Software [unkn]08.may.2011
1859Jimmy's Super League Beyond Belief Software [1993]02.oct.2009
1877Jinn Genie Micromega [1984]03.oct.2009
674Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1991]10.jun.2012
1699Joe Blade Players [1987]03.sep.2012
1756Joe Blade II Players [1988]25.may.2012
867Jonah Barrington's Squash Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]31.jan.2010
1709Jonny Quest Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1991]14.jun.2012
1718Jouste IJK Software Ltd. [1984]25.oct.2010
3891Judge Dredd Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]03.oct.2012
2361Judge Dredd Melbourne House Ltd. [1986]05.mar.2012
4219Juice! System 3 Software Ltd. [1983]10.dec.2008
535Jumpin Jack Livewire Software Ltd. [1984]19.may.2008
1263Jungle Story Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]14.may.2012
319K.O. Boxing [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
496Kaktus Supersoft [1983]05.sep.2011
5269Kami-Kaze Supersoft [1984]05.sep.2011
651Kamikaze [QUATTRO Fighters]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
618Kane Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]25.feb.2012
1960Kane 2 Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
5634Karnov [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]29.oct.2010
3461Karnov Electric Dreams Software [unkn]24.may.2012
1788Kendo Warrior Byte Back [1989]03.jun.2012
106Kennedy Approach U.S. Gold (Transatlantic Simulations) [unkn]16.feb.2012
1139Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager Zeppelin Games Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2008
1714Kentilla Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]27.feb.2012
1429Kentucky Racing Alternative Software Ltd. [1990]07.jun.2012
492Kettle Alligata Software Ltd. [1986]05.mar.2012
1176KGB Superspy CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]04.jun.2012
708Kick Off Anco Software Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
3524Kick Off Topshots [unkn]12.jun.2012
130Kick Off 2 Anco Software Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
4661Kick-Off Bubble Bus Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
1916Kikstart 2 Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]14.mar.2012
619Kikstart: Off-Road Simulator Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]13.feb.2012
2021Killer Watt [Chartbuster]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]26.sep.2010
2104Klax Domark Ltd. [1990]21.sep.2012
2826Klax [Tengen Trilogy, The]Domark Ltd. [1991]20.jun.2011
711Knight Rider Ocean Software Ltd. [1985]02.mar.2012
1776Knight Tyme Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
5626Knightmare [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
1319Knuckle Busters Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]08.jul.2012
1280Kobyashi Naru Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]09.mar.2012
403Kong Anirog Software [unkn]29.apr.2010
3773Kong [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]02.jan.2008
1130Kong Anirog Software [unkn]28.feb.2008
404Kong Strikes Back! Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]20.jul.2007
4694Kongo Kong Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]29.apr.2010
3335Koronis Rift Activision, Inc. [1985]21.sep.2012
926Kosmic Kanga Micromania [unkn]26.sep.2010
720Krakout Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]23.may.2011
1299Kromazone Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1988]08.jul.2012
5273Krystals of Zong Soft & Easy [unkn]09.aug.2012
3588Krystals of Zong Personal Software Services [unkn]31.may.2012
155Kung-Fu Master [They Sold a Million 3]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]24.jun.2009
110Kung-Fu Master U.S. Gold [unkn]25.feb.2012
111Kwah! Melbourne House Ltd. [unkn]04.mar.2012
991Kwik Snax CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
2887Kwik Snax [Dizzy's Excellent Adventures]CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]16.nov.2010
2026Labyrinth Commodore [unkn]04.oct.2010
5516Labyrinth of the Creator Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]26.feb.2010
831Lancer Lords Rabbit Software [unkn]24.jun.2007
1463Las Vegas Video Poker Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1986]03.oct.2012
322Laser Gun [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
263Laser Zone Llamasoft Software [1983]05.sep.2011
684Laser Zone Llamasoft Software [unkn]16.jul.2008
3008Last Ninja 2 System 3 Software Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
6754Last Ninja demo, The [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
845Last Ninja, The Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]07.jun.2012
112Last Ninja, The System 3 Software Ltd. [1987]08.may.2012
836Last V8, The Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1985]26.sep.2010
113Law of the West U.S. Gold [unkn]06.jan.2008
314Lawn Tennis [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
852Lazer Force [QUATTRO Firepower]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]31.jan.2010
1177Lazer Force CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
620Lazer Wheel Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]09.mar.2012
6414Leader Board Erbe Software [unkn]24.may.2012
4323Leaderboard [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]27.oct.2012
2398Leaderboard Executive Edition U.S. Gold [1987]08.mar.2012
1671League Challenge Atlantis Software Ltd. [1989]16.aug.2008
3722League Football Cult [unkn]24.jun.2012
797Legend of Kage Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]05.mar.2012
2032Legend of the Amazon Women Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]08.jul.2007
1770Leviathan English Software Company [1987]08.mar.2012
1325Leviathan Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]16.aug.2008
4874Lickey Route Dee-Kay Systems [unkn]03.jan.2009
6226Life-Term [4 Most Adventures]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]05.apr.2012
968Little Computer People Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1989]25.feb.2011
362Little Computer People Activision, Inc. [1985]27.sep.2010
642Little Puff [QUATTRO Cartoon]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.may.2008
949Little Puff in Dragonland CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
1793Lord of the Balrogs Supersoft [1984]05.sep.2011
1536Lord of the Rings [Tolkien Trilogy, The]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]20.jun.2011
1462Los Angeles SWAT Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1986]05.mar.2012
3593Lunar Landing [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3534Macadam Bumper Personal Software Services [unkn]12.may.2008
1033Macadam Bumper Players [1990]05.jun.2010
1523Mad Flunky Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]27.may.2012
1085Mad Nurse Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]04.mar.2012
6750Made in France II [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
2540Mag Max Imagine Software Ltd. [1986]11.mar.2012
1264Magic Carpet Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]16.aug.2008
2566Magic Madness [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
1430Magic Rufus Alternative Software Ltd. [1993]03.oct.2009
844Magicland Dizzy CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]16.nov.2010
118Magnetron Firebird [1988]21.may.2012
1281Majik Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]04.aug.2007
4502Make Music with Mistertronic Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]03.oct.2009
68Mama Llama [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
1566Mangrove Supersoft [unkn]15.jun.2011
612Manic Miner Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1989]29.may.2012
1590Manic Miner Software Projects Ltd. [1983]29.apr.2010
6745Marathon English Software Company [unkn]08.jul.2012
6050Mario Bros Erbe Software [unkn]04.apr.2009
3290MASK [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
1065MASK Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
4695MASK Byte Back [unkn]10.sep.2007
545Master Chess Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]06.mar.2012
2086Master of Magic Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1985]08.jul.2012
120Masters of the Universe: The Arcade Game U.S. Gold [1987]08.jul.2012
209Match Day [They Sold a Million II]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.oct.2010
4012Match Day II [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
121Match Day II Ocean Software Ltd. [1987]21.aug.2011
1012Match Day II Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]08.jul.2012
2449Match, The Cult [1991]24.jun.2012
265Matrix Llamasoft Software [1983]08.jul.2012
6286Mayhem in Monsterland Apex Computer Productions [1993]12.dec.2009
3590Maze Eater [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
122Mega-Apocalypse Martech [1987]15.mar.2012
3504Megahawk Big G [unkn]25.feb.2012
1481Meganova [4 Most Air Power]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
3065Megawarz Paramount Software [1984]25.nov.2009
405Mercenary: Escape from Targ Novagen Software Ltd. [1985]25.feb.2012
5608Mermaid Madness [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
1529Mermaid Madness Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
4480Metamorphosis Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]26.feb.2010
281Metro Blitz Personal Software Services [unkn]16.jun.2011
2084Metrocross U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1988]06.jan.2008
757Metrocross U.S. Gold [1987]08.jul.2012
1693Miami Chase CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]07.mar.2012
866Miami Vice Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]15.nov.2009
1153Micro Rhythm + Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]11.mar.2012
812Microprose Soccer Microprose Software Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
2984Midnight Resistance [Night Moves]Ocean Software Ltd. [1990]15.sep.2012
650MIG 29 [QUATTRO Fighters]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1785Mig 29 Soviet Fighter CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]13.sep.2011
723Mig Alley Ace U.S. Gold [1985]15.feb.2012
851MiG-29 Soviet Fighter [QUATTRO Firepower]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]31.jan.2010
2728Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz Elite Systems Ltd. [unkn]07.may.2012
163Mikie [Konami Coin-op Hits]Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]20.jul.2008
2692Mikie Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]29.aug.2009
4960Millie-Bug Dk'Tronics Ltd. [1983]25.nov.2009
1265Mind Control Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]16.jun.2011
3692Mindtrap Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]08.jul.2007
3573Mini Office Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]26.oct.2012
5647Missile Command Interceptor Software [unkn]16.jun.2011
1057Missile Command Interceptor Software [1983]24.may.2012
1123Mission Elevator Eurogold [1986]01.mar.2012
5202Mission Genocide Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1988]08.jul.2012
3574Mission Omega Grandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte) [unkn]30.nov.2013
6755Mix-e-Load [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
4848Monkey Magic Creative Sparks (Sparklers) [unkn]08.jul.2012
3121Monopole Rabbit Software [unkn]10.mar.2008
5476Monopole Rabbit Software [unkn]07.mar.2012
6294Monopoly [Mind-Stretchers (noname)]Leisure Genius [unkn]07.nov.2011
874Monty Python's Flying Circus Virgin Games Ltd. (Tronix) [unkn]14.jun.2012
4679Moon Buggy Anirog Software [unkn]08.jul.2007
3778Moon Buggy [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
1056Moon Buggy Anirog Software [unkn]06.dec.2013
1857Moon Shuttle U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]28.feb.2012
2968Moonfall 21st Century Entertaiment [1991]07.jun.2012
313Moonsweeper [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
1934Moontorc Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]17.jun.2012
2624Moonwalker U.S. Gold [1989]03.jun.2012
4338More Adventures of Big Mac the Mad Maintenance Man Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]12.feb.2012
4697Mothership Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]21.jan.2012
1167Moto X CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]12.mar.2012
1887Motor Mania Audiogenic Software Ltd. [1983]24.jul.2012
2471Motor Massacre Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]29.may.2012
3693Motorbike Madness Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]20.sep.2011
3609Motorway [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
999Motos Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]09.jul.2008
622Mr. Angry CodeMasters Ltd. [1986]25.may.2012
982Mr. Freeze Firebird [1984]28.nov.2009
3871Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory Beyond [unkn]16.jul.2008
3772Mr. Wimpy [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]02.jan.2008
3647Mr. Wimpy Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]24.jul.2012
4850Mr. Wiz Superior Software Ltd. [unkn]16.dec.2007
4990Multiplication II McGraw-Hill [unkn]16.may.2008
1266Munch Mania Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]07.mar.2012
6775Munch Mania Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]07.mar.2012
830Murder Rabbit Software [unkn]24.jun.2007
5170Murphy Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]23.oct.2009
5510Mushroom Alley Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]16.jun.2011
4347Music 64 Supersoft [unkn]19.jun.2011
6529Music Maker Commodore [1985]11.feb.2012
5767Mystery of the Indus Valley Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]16.jun.2011
2182Myth System 3 Software Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
6106Narco Police [Mega Box]Dinamic Software [unkn]06.jun.2012
5636National, The Cult [unkn]16.jun.2011
4936Navarone Rabbit Software [unkn]24.jun.2007
6702Nebulus Erbe Software [unkn]16.jun.2011
1468Neil Android [4 Most Horror]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
278Neoclyps Personal Software Services [unkn]24.jul.2012
533Neptune's Daughters English Software Company [unkn]07.sep.2009
1602Neutral Zone U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]28.feb.2012
5121Neutralizor E&J Software [unkn]03.jun.2012
1787New York City U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]07.mar.2012
2225Newzealand Story, The Ocean Software Ltd. [1989]02.jun.2012
614Newzealand Story, The Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]11.jun.2012
4450NEXUS [Pack of Aces]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]15.apr.2009
557Nick Faldo Plays The Open Bug-Byte [unkn]07.feb.2010
4013Nick Faldo Plays the Open [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
945Night Racer Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
3611Nim [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
4164Ninja Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1986]08.may.2012
646Ninja Massacre [QUATTRO Combat]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1082Ninja Master Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]01.mar.2012
4205Ninja Master [123]Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]26.sep.2009
675Ninja Rabbits Micro Value [1991]10.jun.2012
5808Ninja Remix System 3 Software Ltd. [unkn]30.may.2011
736Ninja Scooter Simulator [Hit Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]03.feb.2010
2418Ninja Spirit Activision UK Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
1267Nonterraqueous Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]06.jan.2008
6816Nonterraqueous Mastertronic Ltd. [unkn]03.oct.2012
1471Nosferatu the Vampyre [4 Most Horror]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
3601Noughts and Crosses [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3960Number Puzzler Commodore [unkn]01.jul.2007
4144O'Riley's Mine U.S. Gold Ltd. (Datasoft Inc.) [unkn]28.nov.2009
2469Odyssey K-Tel International Ltd. [1984]21.jan.2012
549Official F A Cup Football, The Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]13.oct.2007
1414Official Father Christmas, The Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]18.may.2008
5059Oh No! [Zzap! Megatape 7]Zzap! [unkn]15.jun.2012
1935Oh No! Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]23.may.2012
3606Old Bones [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
877Olli & Lissa 3 CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]04.jun.2012
640Olli & Lissa 3 [QUATTRO Cartoon]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.may.2008
1096Olli and Lissa Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]06.mar.2012
1525Olympic Spectacular Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]26.sep.2009
5832Olympics 84 Storm Software [unkn]20.aug.2011
1088On Court Tennis Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]29.mar.2012
1883On Cue Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]18.mar.2012
548On Field Football Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]10.mar.2012
732On-Field Football [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]16.apr.2009
1702Operation Hanoi Players (Players Premier) [1990]03.oct.2009
1431Operation Hormuz Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]03.oct.2009
1020Operation Thunderbolt Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]12.jun.2012
125Operation Wolf Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
959Operation Wolf Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]05.jun.2012
6788Orbitron Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]29.apr.2012
544Orbitron Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]29.apr.2012
3608Orbitter [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
6091Orc Attack Compulogical S.A. [unkn]30.apr.2009
1805Orion Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1988]29.may.2012
327Othello [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
127Out Run U.S. Gold [1987]05.sep.2011
617Outback Paramount Software [1984]25.nov.2009
1541Outlaw Players (Players Premier) [1990]05.jun.2010
5244Outlaws Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [unkn]08.jul.2012
382Outlaws Ultimate Play the Game [unkn]24.feb.2012
3615Overtake [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1282P.O.D. - Proof of Destruction Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]09.mar.2012
2755Pacmania Mr. Chip Software [unkn]29.apr.2012
1963Pakacuda Rabbit Software [1983]24.jun.2007
2023Panic Planet [Chartbuster]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]26.sep.2010
1461Panther Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1986]29.apr.2012
1106Paperboy Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1989]03.jun.2012
6096Paperboy Zafiro Software Division (Zafi Chip) [unkn]03.may.2009
3635Parachute [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
962Parallax Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]03.jun.2012
2067Parallax Ocean Software Ltd. [1986]02.mar.2012
835Paratroopers Rabbit Software [1983]13.dec.2008
1873Park Patrol Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]05.mar.2012
5630Park Patrol [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
4777Parky and the Yellow Submarine CheetahSoft [unkn]03.sep.2011
1838Pasteman Pat Firebird (Silverbird) [1989]27.may.2012
276Pastfinder Activision, Inc. [1985]11.feb.2012
1543Pedro Imagine Software Ltd. [1983]30.apr.2012
984Percy the Potty Pigeon Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]26.feb.2012
1741Periscope Up Atlantis Software Ltd. [1989]30.apr.2012
1752Pesky Painter Supersoft [1984]18.jun.2011
1897Peter Pack Rat Firebird (Silverbird) [1989]27.may.2012
3620Phaser [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
134PHM Pegasus Electronic Arts Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
2634Pile-Up! Ariolasoft Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
3768Pilot 64 Abbex Electronics [unkn]30.apr.2012
4419Pilot 64 [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]15.may.2012
6812Pilot 64 [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]17.sep.2012
4372Pinball Wizard CP Software [1984]30.apr.2012
3879Ping Pong Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]27.feb.2012
6795Ping Pong Erbe Software [unkn]25.may.2012
6062Ping Pong Erbe Software [unkn]25.may.2012
166Ping Pong [Konami Coin-op Hits]Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]01.aug.2008
2934Pipe Mania!! Empire Software [1990]03.jun.2012
3889Pipeline 2 Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]30.apr.2012
273Pirate Adventure Adventure International [unkn]18.feb.2010
726Pirate Adventure [Scott Adams Scoops]U.S. Gold (Master Games) [unkn]15.apr.2009
813Pirates! Microprose Software Ltd. [1987]18.may.2011
1090Pitfall Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
1092Pitfall II Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]10.mar.2012
3355Pitfall! Activision, Inc. [1984]13.sep.2007
136Pitstop II U.S. Gold [1984]16.feb.2012
1230Pitstop II U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1988]03.jun.2012
6088Pitstop II Compulogical S.A. [unkn]30.apr.2009
233Pitstop II [Epyx Epics]U.S. Gold [unkn]06.apr.2009
4316Pitstop II CBS Electronics Software [1984]16.nov.2010
5590Place Value McGraw-Hill [unkn]18.may.2008
2428Planet of Death Artic Computing Ltd. [unkn]15.jan.2012
3626Planets [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3594Plasma Bolt [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
4286Platoon Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
6248Plop Euro-Byte [1983]22.jan.2011
4457Plumb Crazy! Terminal Software [unkn]24.jul.2012
272Plumb Crazy! Terminal Software [unkn]24.jul.2012
2045Pogostick Olympics Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]21.may.2011
421Pole Position U.S. Gold [unkn]16.feb.2012
850Poltergeist [QUATTRO Firepower]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]31.jan.2010
3603Pontoon [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3516Pooyan Datasoft Inc. [unkn]30.apr.2012
3311Popeye Macmillan Ltd. [1986]29.apr.2012
598Popeye Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]23.may.2011
5793Popeye 2 Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.jun.2012
1435Popeye 2 Alternative Software Ltd. [1990]07.jun.2012
1524Popeye 3: Wrestle Crazy Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]09.sep.2007
466Poster Paster Taskset Ltd. [1985]25.aug.2008
1432Postman Pat Alternative Software Ltd. [1988]04.jan.2008
1436Postman Pat 3: To the Rescue! Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]04.jan.2008
833Potty Painter in the Jungle Rabbit Software [unkn]24.jun.2007
847Power Drift Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]15.nov.2009
688Predator Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1989]03.jun.2012
3307President is Missing, The Cosmi Inc. [1988]19.jan.2012
1170Prince Clumsy CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]16.aug.2008
1532Prince, The Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]27.nov.2009
995Pro Boxing Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]04.jun.2012
1790Pro Golf Atlantis Software Ltd. [1988]24.may.2012
1546Pro Powerboat Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]29.jun.2011
1171Pro Skateboard Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]08.jul.2012
1205Pro Ski Simulator [QUATTRO Sports]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]21.may.2012
1206Pro Snooker Simulator [QUATTRO Sports]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]21.may.2012
2713Pro Tennis Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]21.sep.2009
534Pro Tennis Tour Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1992]24.jun.2012
5609Prodigy [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
2411Prodigy Electric Dreams Software [1986]08.mar.2012
1172Professional Ski Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]25.may.2012
4935Protector Rabbit Software [unkn]24.jun.2007
957Prowler Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]21.may.2012
4365Psi Warrior Beyond [unkn]08.jul.2012
137PSI-5 Trading Company U.S. Gold [1986]26.feb.2012
3599Psion Attack [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
2568Psycho Soldier Imagine Software Ltd. [1987]07.nov.2009
1036Pub Games Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]18.jul.2008
4579Pub Quest Dream Software Ltd. [unkn]25.apr.2010
1283Pulse Warrior Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
1869Pulsoids Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]09.jul.2007
863Punch & Judy [4 Most Cute]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]20.oct.2009
838Punch & Judy Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]15.nov.2009
676Purple Turtles Quicksilva Ltd. [1983]16.jul.2008
3779Purple Turtles [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
1388Pyramid, The [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]07.feb.2010
941Pyramid, The Paxman Promotions [unkn]23.feb.2010
5802Quasar Zone Krypton Force [unkn]19.dec.2009
951Que-Dex U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1990]05.jun.2010
1284Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]08.jul.2012
3702Quest for the Holy Grail, The Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [unkn]06.jan.2008
1270Quest for the Holy Grail, The Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]29.dec.2011
3467Quest of Merravid, The Martech [unkn]15.dec.2007
4964Questprobe Featuring the Human Torch and the Thing U.S. Gold (All American Adventures) [unkn]28.feb.2012
4017Quill, The Gilsoft [unkn]07.nov.2011
2327Quintic Warrior Quicksilva Ltd. [1983]24.jul.2012
5470Quinx Supersoft [1984]01.may.2011
4875Racing Game, The Tanglewood Software [unkn]28.mar.2010
849Rad Ramp Racer Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1990]05.jun.2010
3596Radar Landing [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
468Raging Beast Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1985]28.feb.2012
2712Raid Over Moscow U.S. Gold [1984]14.jan.2012
1084Rainbow Dragon Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1988]09.apr.2012
2697Rainbow Islands Ocean Software Ltd. [1989]01.oct.2012
725Rally Cross Challenge Anco Software Ltd. [1989]07.sep.2008
480Rambo III Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]07.jun.2012
156Rambo: First Blood Part II [They Sold a Million 3]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]24.jun.2009
6059Rambo: First Blood Part II Erbe Software [unkn]07.apr.2009
423Rambo: First Blood Part II Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012
3282Rampage [We Are The Champions]Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]07.nov.2011
139Rampage Activision, Inc. [1987]09.apr.2012
5613Rampage [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
956Rampage Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1989]03.jun.2012
196Rana-Rama [Four Smash Hits from Hewson]Hewson Consultants Ltd. [unkn]20.jul.2008
6718Ranarama [Zzap! Megatape Thirty Four]Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]20.jun.2012
1672Rapid Fire Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]09.jul.2007
69Raskel [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
973Rastan Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]05.jun.2010
1328Raster Runner Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]07.may.2012
1285Rasterscan Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]11.mar.2012
3633Rats [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1571Rattler Atlantis Software Ltd. [1984]26.jan.2013
1301Raw Recruit Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1988]08.nov.2011
3293Re-Bounder [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
5633Real Ghostbusters, The [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]29.oct.2010
2078Real Ghostbusters, The Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.jun.2012
1094Realm Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]14.mar.2012
514Rebel Virgin Games Ltd. [1987]08.jul.2012
3917Rebel Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]11.dec.2011
1437Reckless Rufus Alternative Software Ltd. [1992]25.jun.2012
2604Red Heat Ocean Software Ltd. [1989]02.jun.2012
425Red Moon Level 9 Computing [unkn]12.sep.2011
2323Redhawk Melbourne House Ltd. [1986]03.oct.2012
887Renaissance Audiogenic Software Ltd. [unkn]21.feb.2008
2080Renaissance Othello [Grandmaster Chess & Renaissan]Audiogenic Software Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2008
3575Renegade Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1989]04.jan.2008
3279Renegade [We Are The Champions]Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]07.nov.2011
2470Renegade Imagine Software Ltd. [1987]18.mar.2012
6066Renegade Erbe Software [unkn]20.dec.2009
2577Renegade III: The Final Chapter Imagine Software Ltd. [1989]12.aug.2008
6056Renegade III: The Final Chapter Erbe Software [unkn]06.apr.2009
200Rescue on Fractalus! [Star Games One]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]13.aug.2008
1329Rescue on Fractalus! Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]03.jun.2012
2895Retrograde [Thalamus The Hits 2]Thalamus [1991]30.oct.2010
270Revenge of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft Software [1983]24.jul.2012
6753Revenge of the Mutant Camels II demo [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
6522Richard Petty's Talladega Audiogenic Software Ltd. [unkn]16.feb.2012
3982Rick Dangerous U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]18.may.2008
5845Rick Dangerous Firebird [unkn]02.jun.2012
4583Rick Dangerous 2 Microstyle [unkn]05.jun.2010
1453Rigel's Revenge Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]26.sep.2010
2328Ring of Power Quicksilva Ltd. [unkn]25.oct.2010
3775Ring of Power [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]02.jan.2008
1077River Raid Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]08.may.2012
4261River Rescue Creative Sparks [unkn]05.aug.2007
6084Road Blasters [Vitaminas]Erbe Software [unkn]26.apr.2009
3720Road Blasters U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]08.nov.2011
568Road Runner U.S. Gold [1987]14.mar.2012
495Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1991]25.aug.2008
954Robocop Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]25.jun.2008
6045Robocop Erbe Software [unkn]01.apr.2009
4402Rock & Wrestle [Action Pack]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.oct.2008
742Rock & Wrestle [Action Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1990]03.feb.2010
936Rock & Wrestle Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
6076Rock'n Lucha Erbe Software [unkn]13.aug.2012
687Rock'N Wrestle Melbourne House Ltd. [unkn]26.feb.2012
4206Rock-n-Wrestle [123]Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]26.sep.2009
1049Rocket Ball IJK Software Ltd. [1984]08.may.2012
3625Rocket Launch [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
4406Rocket Roger [Action Pack]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]19.aug.2007
3875Rockford: The Arcade Game [Rockford + Back to Reality]Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1988]21.may.2012
428Rocky Horror Show, The CRL [1985]14.feb.2012
469Rocky Horror Show, The Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]31.oct.2009
1469Rocky Horror Show, The [4 Most Horror]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
2704Rogue Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
1992Rollaround Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]21.may.2012
5192Rollerboard Pirate Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
335Rolling Thunder U.S. Gold [1986]08.jul.2012
474Rolling Thunder U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]31.oct.2009
1759Ronald Rubberduck Players [1986]21.sep.2009
855Roulette Simulator Byte Back [1990]31.jan.2010
329Roundabout [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
6038Rox Llamasoft Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
1754Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]03.oct.2009
1526Rugby Boss Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]21.sep.2009
698Rugby Simulator [QUATTRO Skills]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]15.jul.2008
928Run for Gold Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]21.nov.2009
679S*M*A*S*H*E*D: Strangest Mobile Army Surgical Hospital East of Detroit Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]06.mar.2011
6227S.M.A.S.H.E.D [4 Most Adventures]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]05.apr.2012
1286S.O.S. Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]09.mar.2012
972S.t.o.r.m Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]05.mar.2012
4554Saboteur II Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]03.oct.2012
4220Sabre Wulf Firebird [unkn]16.feb.2012
2707Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]29.jun.2011
2561Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
143Salamander Imagine Software Ltd. [1988]25.may.2012
952Salamander Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]05.jun.2010
6049Salamander Erbe Software [unkn]28.apr.2010
985Samantha Fox Strip Poker Alternative Software Ltd. (React Software) [unkn]12.jul.2008
649SAS Combat [QUATTRO Fighters]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1161SAS Combat Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]08.jul.2012
645SAS Combat Simulator [QUATTRO Combat]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
6107Satan [Mega Box]Dinamic Software [unkn]22.jun.2010
988Scare Bear Alternative Software (199 Range) [1987]12.jul.2008
459Scary Monsters Firebird [1986]18.mar.2012
4746Scout Mastertronic Ltd. [unkn]31.may.2012
6295Scrabble [Mind-Stretchers (noname)]Leisure Genius [unkn]07.nov.2011
6758Screenplay Macmillan Ltd. [unkn]22.nov.2011
885Scuba Dive Durell Software [1983]21.feb.2008
1451Scumball Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]21.may.2012
552Se-Kaa of Assiah Mastertronic Ltd. (Master Adventurer) [1985]19.may.2008
744Seabase Delta [Action Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1990]03.feb.2010
1097Seabase Delta Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]28.feb.2012
4404Seabase Delta [Action Pack]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.oct.2008
783Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, The Mosaic Publishing [1985]18.feb.2012
1342Sentinel U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]28.feb.2012
144Sentinel, The Firebird (Gold Edition) [1986]04.mar.2012
2982Shadow Warriors [Night Moves]Ocean Software Ltd. [1990]15.sep.2012
1537Shadows of Mordor [Tolkien Trilogy, The]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]20.jun.2011
942Shanghai Karate Players [1988]23.feb.2010
2011Shanghai Warriors Players [1989]18.may.2008
707Shao-Lin's Road Softek International Ltd. (The Edge) [1986]09.mar.2012
1450Shard of Inovar Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]11.sep.2007
1936Shark Players (Players Premier) [1989]03.jun.2012
1470She Vampires [4 Most Horror]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
1400Sheep in Space Llamasoft Software [unkn]05.sep.2011
146Shinobi Virgin Games Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
6100Shinobi Dro Soft [unkn]10.may.2009
5891Ship of Doom Artic Computing Ltd. [1984]22.jan.2012
3371Shogun Virgin Games Ltd. [1986]06.apr.2012
5970Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Kit GBH [unkn]03.jan.2009
147Short Circuit Ocean Software Ltd. [1986]08.mar.2012
615Short Circuit Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]04.jan.2008
6047Short Circuit Erbe Software [unkn]27.sep.2009
1331Sidewinder II Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]12.mar.2012
3410Sigma 7 Durell Software [unkn]05.mar.2012
149Silent Service U.S. Gold [unkn]26.feb.2012
1146Silkworm Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]05.jun.2012
2366Simpsons, The: Bart Vs. The Space Mutants Ocean Software Ltd. [1991]30.may.2011
2771Siren City Interceptor Software [1983]24.jul.2012
3616Sitting Target [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
307Skate or Die Electronic Arts Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
2757Skate Rock Bubble Bus Software [unkn]06.mar.2012
3695Skate Rock Simluator Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]08.jul.2012
1004Skate Wars Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]24.jun.2012
695Skateboard Simulator [QUATTRO Skills]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]15.jul.2008
2564SkateRock [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
989Skel Hitech (Hitech Games Plus) [1984]28.nov.2009
3604Ski Jump [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
532Skool Daze Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]06.apr.2008
1674Skramble Rabbit Software [1984]04.jan.2008
3776Skramble [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
2332Skramble Anirog Software [unkn]01.apr.2012
3091Skull Games Machine Ltd. [unkn]26.jan.2013
623Skyfox Ariolasoft Ltd. [1985]15.feb.2012
611Skyjet Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]08.may.2012
151Slaine Electronic Arts Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
316Slalom [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
2110Slap Fight Imagine Software Ltd. [1987]11.mar.2012
3361Slapshot Anirog Software [1985]24.oct.2010
3535Slicker Puzzle, The Dk'Tronics Ltd. [unkn]25.nov.2009
2315Slimey's Mine Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]25.may.2012
1044Slurpy Creative Sparks [unkn]13.feb.2010
2981Sly Spy: Secret Agent [Night Moves]Ocean Software Ltd. [1990]16.sep.2012
3617Smash the Windows [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
330Snakes [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
1861Snare Beyond Belief Software [1993]03.oct.2009
2894Snare [Thalamus The Hits 2]Thalamus [1991]29.oct.2010
967Snooker Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [1983]26.sep.2010
6419Snooker Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [unkn]29.dec.2011
504Snow Queen, The Mosaic Publishing [unkn]16.feb.2010
1728Snowmen [Spirates & Snowmen]Commodore [1983]01.jan.2008
3163Soccer 7 Cult [1989]16.dec.2007
1434Soccer Challenge Alternative Software Ltd. [1990]09.sep.2007
1717Soccer Director GTI Software [1990]07.feb.2010
1871Soccer Pinball CodeMasters Ltd. [1992]08.jul.2012
5210Soccer Skills [4 Soccer Simulators]CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]06.jun.2012
1118Soldier One [4 Action Hits]American Action AB [unkn]05.mar.2012
1360Solo Flight U.S. Gold [unkn]08.jul.2012
2017Son of Blagger Alligata Software Ltd. [1984]07.nov.2011
1050Son of Blagger Alligata Software Ltd. [1984]13.feb.2010
2025Sooper Froot Commodore [1983]04.oct.2010
1143Sooty & Sweep Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]29.feb.2008
4291Sorcerer Lord Personal Software Services [unkn]19.jan.2012
315Space Gallery [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
6097Space Harrier Zafiro Software Division (Zafi Chip) [unkn]05.may.2009
1271Space Hunter Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]01.jan.2008
3592Space Mission [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
513Space Pilot Anirog Software [1984]08.may.2012
1858Space Rider Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]08.dec.2007
3631Space Search [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3618Space Ship [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3961Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space Activision, Inc. [unkn]16.feb.2012
969Space Walk Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]08.may.2012
1006Spectipede Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]12.jul.2008
1287Speed King Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]29.jan.2011
1954Speed Zone Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]06.jan.2008
6344Speedboat Race Eurogold [unkn]06.mar.2011
1303Spellbound Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]27.feb.2012
2886Spellbound Dizzy (Lite) [Dizzy's Excellent Adventures]CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]19.nov.2010
699Spike in Transilvania CodeMasters Ltd. [1991]10.jun.2012
1089Spiky Harold Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]02.mar.2012
1474Spin Dizzy [4 Most Toppers]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]29.feb.2008
3114Spindizzy Winner [unkn]23.jun.2007
5612Spindizzy [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
1727Spirates [Spirates & Snowmen]Commodore [1983]01.jan.2008
872Spitfire Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]03.jun.2012
1417Spitfire '40' Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]03.jun.2012
971Spitting Image: The Computer Game Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]25.jun.2008
3295Split Personalities [Mind Benders]Domark Ltd. [1990]18.jun.2011
1272Spooks Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]13.feb.2012
471Spooky Castle Atlantis Software Ltd. [unkn]25.aug.2008
1649Spooky Castle [4 Game Pack No. 1]Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]15.dec.2007
1392Spore Mastertronic Ltd. (Bulldog) [1987]09.apr.2012
1819Sport of Kings Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]23.jan.2012
2094Sprite Man Interceptor Software [unkn]31.dec.2011
4161Spritemaker 64 English Software Company [unkn]08.jul.2012
31Spy Hunter [Arcade Hall of Fame]U.S. Gold [unkn]15.jun.2012
3364Spy Hunter U.S. Gold [1984]08.oct.2012
1443Spy Hunter U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]29.jan.2012
3826Spy vs Spy Beyond [unkn]28.aug.2007
1668Spy vs Spy Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]05.oct.2010
2316Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]08.dec.2007
963Spy vs Spy III: Arctic Antics Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]25.jun.2008
5683Spy vs Spy: Arctic Antics First Star Software Inc. [unkn]06.jul.2008
6429Spyplane Gilsoft [unkn]04.may.2012
318Squash [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
597Squirm Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]08.may.2012
6103ST Dragon Dro Soft [unkn]12.may.2009
2722St. Dragon Storm/Sales Curve [1990]07.jun.2012
203Staff of Karnath, The [They Sold a Million]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]23.jun.2009
4934Stalag 1 Rabbit Software [unkn]25.jul.2012
3781Star Base Defence [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
5495Star Command Supersoft [unkn]05.sep.2011
6589Star Commando Terminal Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
5577Star Crash Supersoft [unkn]05.sep.2011
840Star Force Fighter Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]31.jan.2010
734Star League Baseball [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]16.apr.2009
5620Star Raiders II [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
2170Star Wars Domark Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
1304Star Wars Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1988]28.may.2012
1023Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]25.aug.2008
6229Star Wreck [4 Most Adventures]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]05.apr.2012
6876Starace [Zzap! Megatape 9]Zzap! [1990]16.jul.2014
1273Starace Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]08.jul.2012
482Starforce Nova Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
2606Starfox Ariolasoft Ltd. [1987]18.mar.2012
3239Starglider [Supreme Challenge - The Ultim]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]06.nov.2011
4268Starion Guild Publishing London [unkn]01.aug.2008
1288Starlifter Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]04.jan.2008
2737Starquake Bubble Bus Software [1984]27.feb.2012
2559Starquake [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
2304StarRay Logotron Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
3595Startrek [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3925Steigar Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]30.dec.2012
3699Stellar Wars Commodore [unkn]04.jan.2008
6694Steve Davis Snooker Zafiro Software Division (Z Cobra) [unkn]05.jun.2011
4016Steve Davis Snooker [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
4180Steve Davis Snooker CDS Software [unkn]16.feb.2012
6331Stifflip & Co. U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]29.jun.2011
1592Sting 64 Quicksilva Ltd. [1984]04.jan.2008
584Stix Supersoft [1983]26.aug.2010
5465Stix Supersoft [1983]18.jun.2011
2333Stock Car Micro Power Ltd. [unkn]24.may.2011
3691Stop the Express Commodore [unkn]14.feb.2012
290Storm Warrior Front Runner [1984]18.feb.2010
5073Stormlord [Zzap! Megatape Thirty Four]Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]20.jun.2012
728Strange Odyssey [Scott Adams Scoops]U.S. Gold (Master Games) [unkn]15.apr.2009
6086Street Fighter [Vitaminas]Erbe Software [unkn]26.apr.2009
1577Street Gang Players [1988]25.may.2012
2087Street Hassle Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]03.jun.2012
5211Street Soccer [4 Soccer Simulators]CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]12.jun.2012
1062Street Sports Baseball U.S. Gold [1987]14.mar.2012
1460Street Surfer Mastertronic Ltd. (Entertainment USA) [1986]04.mar.2012
477Street Warriors Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]08.may.2012
1289Streetbeat Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]10.jul.2007
2305Strider U.S. Gold [1989]03.jun.2012
1133Strike Force Bubble Bus Software [unkn]04.aug.2009
550Strike Force Cobra Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]23.may.2011
3448Strike Force Harrier [Five Star III]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]17.nov.2011
837Strike Force Harrier Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]30.jan.2011
1548Striker Manager Cult [1991]11.jun.2012
1563Strip Poker U.S. Gold [unkn]26.jan.2012
677Strip Poker II Byte Back [unkn]20.feb.2010
6624Strontium Dog and the Death Gauntlet Quicksilva Ltd. [unkn]05.jun.2011
1933Stryker in the Crypts of Trogan CodeMasters Ltd. [1992]21.jun.2012
1614Stunt Bike Simulator Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]25.may.2012
470Sub Hunt Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1984]25.aug.2008
3624Submarines [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
6695Subterranea Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]06.jun.2011
1510Subterranea Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1988]23.may.2012
2897Summer Camp [Thalamus The Hits 2]Thalamus [1991]29.oct.2010
484Sunburst Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1987]29.mar.2012
3115Super Blitz Commodore [unkn]18.oct.2010
4007Super Bowl [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
213Super Bowl XX Ocean Software Ltd. [1986]26.feb.2012
1511Super Cup Football Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1988]03.jul.2010
2055Super Dogfight Terminal Software [unkn]09.jul.2012
624Super G-Man CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]06.jan.2008
5628Super Hang-On [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
2227Super Hang-On Electric Dreams Software [1987]27.feb.2011
4011Super Hang-On [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
1210Super Hero [QUATTRO Super Hits]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]26.sep.2010
883Super Nudge 2000 Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]04.aug.2007
979Super Robin Hood [QUATTRO Adventure]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]23.aug.2008
1163Super Robin Hood CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]09.jul.2012
825Super Skramble! Terminal Software [1983]15.feb.2010
5615Super Sprint [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
3281Super Sprint [We Are The Champions]Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]06.nov.2011
2724Super Spy Richard Shepherd Software [unkn]09.jul.2012
1137Super Stunt Man CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
1209Super Tank [QUATTRO Super Hits]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]26.sep.2010
5507Super Trek Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]23.oct.2009
608Super Trolley Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]24.may.2012
2410Super Zaxxon U.S. Gold [1984]09.jul.2012
2318Supercuda Rabbit Software [unkn]24.jun.2007
1648Superkid [4 Game Pack No. 1]Atlantis Software Ltd. [1991]15.dec.2007
4534Supersports U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]23.jun.2011
2396Superstar Ping Pong U.S. Gold [1986]29.feb.2012
3570Superstar Ping Pong Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]09.jul.2012
559Superted Alternative Software Ltd. [1991]11.jan.2008
3198Supremacy Virgin Games Ltd. [1991]10.jun.2012
2497SWAG Micromania [1984]05.apr.2011
841Sweep! Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]15.nov.2009
3578Swoop Micro Power Ltd. [1984]01.may.2011
1333T-Bird Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]12.mar.2012
1586Table Tennis Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]03.oct.2009
498Tales of the Arabian Nights Interceptor Software [1984]25.aug.2008
1751Tank Atak Supersoft [1983]23.jun.2011
3634Tanker [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
32Tapper [Arcade Hall of Fame]U.S. Gold [unkn]15.jun.2012
438Tapper U.S. Gold [1984]01.aug.2008
943Target Renegade Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]05.jun.2012
2239Target Renegade Imagine Software Ltd. [1988]09.jul.2012
1472Tarzan [4 Most Toppers]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]29.feb.2008
843Tarzan Goes Ape CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]01.feb.2010
3914Tau Ceti Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]09.jul.2012
501Tazz Bubble Bus Software [unkn]16.feb.2010
1454Tazz [Triple Decker 3]Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]26.jun.2010
6767Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Mirrorsoft Ltd. (Image Works) [1990]18.jan.2012
4343Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin-Op! Imageworks Ltd. [unkn]17.sep.2012
3749Temple of Terror U.S. Gold [unkn]11.mar.2012
328Ten Pin Bowling [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
697Tennis Simulator [QUATTRO Skills]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]15.jul.2008
6789Terminal City [Zzap! Megatape Thirty Four]Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]20.jun.2012
1880Terminator Powerhouse Publishing Ltd. [1986]09.mar.2012
853Terra Cognita [QUATTRO Firepower]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]31.jan.2010
1164Terra Cognita CodeMasters Ltd. [1986]06.mar.2012
6048Terra Cresta Erbe Software [unkn]20.dec.2009
2417Terra Cresta Imagine Software Ltd. [1986]05.mar.2012
2321Terrormolinos Melbourne House Ltd. [1985]18.feb.2012
3009Terrorpods Melbourne House Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
347Test Drive Electronic Arts Ltd. [1987]20.may.2012
6815Test Match [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]17.sep.2012
1389Test Match [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.feb.2010
4422Test Match [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]15.may.2012
1009Tetris Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]29.may.2012
6044Tetris MCM Software [unkn]01.apr.2009
453Tetris Mirrorsoft Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
1373Theatre Europe Personal Software Services [1985]12.feb.2012
3607Thin Ice [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3292Thing Bounces Back [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
218Thing Bounces Back Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]11.mar.2012
439Thing on a Spring Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1985]09.jul.2012
2706Thinker, The Atlantis Software Ltd. [unkn]25.sep.2009
538Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]20.aug.2008
1438Through the Trap Door Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]09.jul.2012
4405Thrust [Action Pack]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]04.oct.2008
745Thrust [Action Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1990]03.feb.2010
616Thrust Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]26.feb.2012
4559Thrust II Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]24.may.2012
219Thunder Blade U.S. Gold [1988]27.may.2012
2085Thunder Blade U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1991]03.oct.2009
644Thunderbolt [QUATTRO Combat]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
701ThunderCats Elite Systems Ltd. [1987]29.mar.2012
1357Tiger Mission Alternative Software (199 Range) [1987]31.oct.2009
4141Tiger Road U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]02.jan.2008
986Tilt CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
765Time Traveller Mindscape (Light Fantastic) [1989]04.oct.2010
6757Time Tunnel [Zzap! Megatape]U.S. Gold [unkn]07.nov.2011
3742Tir Na Nog [NOW Games 2]Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
6407Titanic: The Adventure Begins... Yes! Software [unkn]25.apr.2010
4933To be on Top Rainbow Arts [unkn]04.oct.2007
1760Toad Force Players [1986]09.jul.2012
1367Toddler Tutor Channel 8 Software Ltd. [unkn]06.apr.2012
2422Token of Ghall Interceptor Software [unkn]08.may.2011
2157Tom & Jerry Magic Bytes [1989]02.jun.2012
1618Tomahawk Byte Back [unkn]10.sep.2007
4622Tombs of Xeiops Romik Software Ltd. [unkn]07.jun.2012
4601Tony Hart's Art Master Commodore [unkn]19.oct.2010
1032Toobin' Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]11.jun.2012
5334Tool Box: Image System, The Domark Ltd. [unkn]25.may.2012
1149Tool Box: Shoot 'Em-Up Construction Kit Domark Ltd. [unkn]10.mar.2011
5356Tool Box: Typing Tutor Domark Ltd. [unkn]25.may.2012
932Top Cat Starring in Beverly Hills Cats Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]12.jun.2012
741Top Gun Ocean Software Ltd. [1986]20.jun.2009
1024Top Gun Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
821Tornado Low Level Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]06.jul.2008
3248Total Eclipse [Total Eclipse Special Edition]Domark Ltd. [1989]06.nov.2011
3249Total Eclipse II [Total Eclipse Special Edition]Domark Ltd. [1989]06.nov.2011
6738Touch Typing Tutor _NA_ [unkn]03.sep.2011
705Touchdown Football Ariolasoft Ltd. [1986]10.mar.2012
1321Toy Bizarre Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1989]09.jul.2012
4015Track & Field [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
1725Track Suit Manager Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]10.jun.2012
3915Trailblazer Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]22.jan.2012
1607Train Robbers Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]23.may.2012
224Trans Atlantic Balloon Challenge: The Game Virgin Games Ltd. [1987]14.mar.2012
5902Transformers Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [unkn]15.jan.2012
440Transformers, The Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]05.sep.2011
1910Transylvanian Tower Richard Shepherd Software [1983]02.jan.2008
3443Trap Door, The [Five Star III]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]17.nov.2011
1358Trap Door, The Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]23.may.2011
551Trap Door, The Piranha Software [1986]12.mar.2012
4846Trax! Concept Software [unkn]31.may.2012
4327Treasure Hunt Macsen Software Ltd. [1985]28.may.2012
1290Treasure Island Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]11.mar.2012
1034Treasure Island Dizzy CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]12.jul.2008
536Treasure of the Phoenix Hitech (Hitech Games Plus) [unkn]08.feb.2010
1391Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory Challenge Software [unkn]26.sep.2009
5572Tribble Trouble Mr. Micro [unkn]06.nov.2009
5972Trollie Wallie Interceptor Software [unkn]25.feb.2012
441Trollie Wallie Interceptor Software [unkn]29.nov.2009
834Troopa Truck Rabbit Software [1983]24.jun.2007
6355Trull Europa Computer-Club [unkn]07.nov.2011
1000Tube, The Bug-Byte [unkn]12.jul.2008
3612Tunnel Escape [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1509Tunnel Vision Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1987]18.mar.2012
4417Turbo 64 [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]15.may.2012
6810Turbo 64 [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]17.sep.2012
878Turbo 64 Limbic Systems UK Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2010
1686Turbo Boat Simulator Firebird (Silverbird) [1988]05.jun.2011
738Turbo Boat Simulator [Hit Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]03.feb.2010
2211Turbo Esprit Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]29.apr.2012
4827Turbo Extended Basic Aztec Software [unkn]14.jun.2008
227Turbo Out Run U.S. Gold [1989]03.jun.2012
777Turbo Out Run U.S. Gold [1989]03.jun.2012
1002Turbo Tape Supersoft [unkn]26.aug.2010
585Turbo the Tortoise CodeMasters Ltd. [1992]19.aug.2007
1245Turrican U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1991]03.oct.2012
779Turrican Rainbow Arts [1990]03.jun.2012
4632Turrican II: The Final Fight Rainbow Arts [unkn]06.jun.2012
1246Tusker U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]24.jun.2012
1973Twin Kingdom Valley Bug-Byte [1983]09.jul.2012
1076Twinky Goes Hiking Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
1405U.F.O. Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]03.sep.2012
4448Ubik's Musik Firebird [unkn]18.mar.2012
2560Uchi Mata [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
3632Universe [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
2079Untouchables, The Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]11.jun.2012
770Untouchables, The Ocean Software Ltd. [1989]28.oct.2012
33Up 'N' Down [Arcade Hall of Fame]U.S. Gold [unkn]15.jun.2012
3330Up'n Down U.S. Gold [1984]11.feb.2012
1823Uridium Hewson Consultants Ltd. [1986]25.feb.2012
3445Uridium [Five Star III]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]17.nov.2011
197Uridium Plus [Four Smash Hits from Hewson]Hewson Consultants Ltd. [unkn]20.jul.2008
357V Ocean Software Ltd. [1986]27.feb.2012
3122Vagan Attack Atlantis Software Ltd. [unkn]06.jan.2008
977Vampire [QUATTRO Adventure]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]23.aug.2008
1761Velocipede Players [1986]17.aug.2008
4590Velocipede II Players [1986]09.jul.2012
875Vendetta U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]04.feb.2010
6290Vendetta System 3 Software Ltd. [unkn]03.jun.2012
1830Venom Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]06.jan.2008
879Video Meanies Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]11.mar.2012
983Vindicator!, The Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]05.jun.2010
509Vixplode-64 Abrasco Ltd. [unkn]16.feb.2010
727Voodoo Castle [Scott Adams Scoops]U.S. Gold (Master Games) [unkn]15.apr.2009
2743Vortron Budgie [1985]03.oct.2012
508Vultures J. Morrison Micros Ltd. [unkn]16.feb.2010
998Wacky Darts CodeMasters Ltd. [1990]12.jul.2008
3352Wallie Goes to Rhymeland Interceptor Software [1984]04.jan.2009
6367Wallie Goes to Rhymeland Interceptor Software [unkn]09.jul.2012
920Wanted: Monty Mole Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1984]04.oct.2010
4229War Winner [unkn]10.may.2010
1042War Cars Construction Set Firebird [1988]12.jul.2008
1099War Hawk Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]01.mar.2012
4408Waterski 3D [Action Pack]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]19.aug.2007
6015Way of the Exploding Fist Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [unkn]05.jun.2011
3444Way of the Exploding Fist, The [Five Star III]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]17.nov.2011
4267Way of the Exploding Fist, The Melbourne House Ltd. [1985]14.feb.2012
198Way of the Tiger, The [Star Games One]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]13.aug.2008
510Web Dimension Activision, Inc. [1985]11.feb.2012
1018Wec Le Mans Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]06.jun.2012
1715Werewolves of London Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]20.sep.2011
6382West Talent Computer Systems [unkn]16.apr.2010
1007Westworld Hitech (Hitech Games Plus) [1984]24.sep.2011
1899Wheelies Micro Selection Plus [1988]09.jul.2012
625Wheelin' Wallie Interceptor Software [1984]19.aug.2007
5973Wheelin' Wallie Interceptor Software [unkn]04.jan.2009
1562Who Dares Wins Dk'Tronics Ltd. [1983]24.jul.2012
4452Who Dares Wins II [Pack of Aces]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]15.apr.2009
970Who Dares Wins II Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]18.feb.2012
1456Widows Revenge [Triple Decker 3]Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]26.jun.2010
6408Wild Ride Interceptor Software [unkn]25.apr.2010
6356Wilder Westen Europa Computer-Club [unkn]07.nov.2011
3581Willow Pattern Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
283Willow Pattern Firebird (Super Silver) [1985]14.may.2011
1291Wing Commander Mastertronic Ltd. [1986]01.mar.2012
228Winter Games U.S. Gold [1984]16.feb.2012
6069Winter Games Erbe Software [unkn]17.feb.2011
4324Winter Games [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]27.oct.2012
950Winter Games U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1989]17.feb.2011
4008Winter Olympiad 88 [Game Set & Match 2]Ocean Software Ltd. [unkn]19.jun.2011
6228Wiz biz [4 Most Adventures]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]05.apr.2012
3656Wiz Biz Alternative Software (199 Range) [1987]25.may.2012
639Wizard Willy [QUATTRO Cartoon]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.may.2008
3347Wizardry The Edge [1985]16.feb.2012
6087Wizardry ABC Soft [unkn]29.apr.2009
860Wizball Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
746Wizball Ocean Software Ltd. [1987]19.jun.2009
5621Wonder Boy [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
1026Wonder Boy Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1991]03.jun.2012
2710Wonder Boy Activision, Inc. [1987]11.mar.2012
1889World Championship Squash Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]30.jan.2010
3721World Class Leader Board: The Ultimate Golf Challenge U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]09.jul.2012
1579World Cricket Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
6814World Cup [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]17.sep.2012
4421World Cup [Sports Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [1988]15.may.2012
1504World Cup Cult [1991]31.oct.2009
539World Cup Football Paxman Promotions [unkn]07.feb.2010
3744World Cup II [NOW Games 2]Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
6673World Cup Soccer: Italia '90 EDOS [unkn]05.jun.2011
865World Cup Soccer: Italia '90 Virgin Games Ltd. (Tronix) [unkn]14.jun.2012
858World Games U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1988]10.jun.2012
1059World Series Baseball Imagine Software Ltd. [1984]12.feb.2012
1545World Soccer Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1990]03.jun.2012
6292Worm in Paradise, The Level 9 Computing [unkn]25.feb.2012
2194WWF Wrestle Mania Ocean Software Ltd. [1991]12.jun.2012
2699X-Out Rainbow Arts [1990]03.jun.2012
5163Xanagrams Postern [unkn]09.jan.2012
1334Xenon Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]05.jun.2012
6055Xevious Erbe Software [unkn]07.feb.2011
2134Xevious [Gauntlet / Xevious]U.S. Gold [unkn]23.nov.2008
752Xevious U.S. Gold [unkn]05.mar.2012
3472Yabba Dabba Doo! Grandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte) [unkn]23.jun.2007
3323Yabba Dabba Doo! Quicksilva Ltd. [1985]09.jul.2012
331Yahtzee [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
5562Yantzee Anger Productions [unkn]09.aug.2012
1421Yeti Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]07.feb.2011
799Yie Ar Kung Fu II Imagine Software Ltd. [1986]05.mar.2012
6620Yie Ar Kung-Fu Erbe Software [unkn]07.feb.2011
445Yie Ar Kung-Fu Imagine Software Ltd. [1984]09.jul.2012
165Yie Ar Kung-Fu [Konami Coin-op Hits]Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]13.aug.2008
3713Yie Ar Kung-Fu Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1988]08.nov.2011
1040Yogi Bear Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]12.jul.2008
1142Yogi Bear & Friends in the Greed Monster: A Treasure Hunt Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]29.feb.2008
3316Zaga Mission Anirog Software [1984]12.apr.2011
4991Zaxxon U.S. Gold [unkn]13.aug.2007
974Zenith Creative Sparks (Super Sparklers) [unkn]27.may.2010
1079Zenji Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]10.mar.2012
3452Zeta 7 Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]23.oct.2009
767Zodiac Anirog Software [1984]20.feb.2010
990Zoids Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]24.jun.2012
1527Zolyx Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1987]10.mar.2012
486Zub Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1986]06.mar.2012
1673Zybex Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1987]03.jan.2013
4433Zylogon Big G [unkn]31.may.2012
660Zynaps [Computer Classics]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.jul.2012
194Zynaps [Four Smash Hits from Hewson]Hewson Consultants Ltd. [unkn]20.jul.2008
3552Zyrons Escape Creative Sparks (Sparklers) [unkn]25.mar.2011
1274Zzzzzzz Mastertronic Ltd. (199 Range) [1985]25.feb.2012