Commodore 64 tape preservation project

Tapes in database:           6845
Tapes with scan(s): 1643
Tapes with cover: 1917
Tapes with screenshot(s): 2148
Tapes with barcode: 6784
Tapes with publisher name: 6821
Tapes with publisher year: 2973
Tapes with packaging type: 6774
Tapes with TAP image(s): 1736
Tapes with raw TAP image(s): 1933
Tapes with docs: 158
Tapes with programmer(s): 34
Tapes with gfx artist(s): 24
Tapes with musician(s): 146
Tapes with review(s): 1969
Tapes with loader type: 1837
Tapes part of a compilation: 1907
Number of compilations: 375
Users online:  NA
Total users: NA

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The goal of this site is to preserve Commodore 64 tape software. The most important part of this is to create images of the content of the tapes and confirm the data is correct. We do this with hardware and software developed for dumping and analyzing the data/loaders. Next we try to get as much information about the people/companies, that made the games, and packaging as possible. We only use/want information that is confirmed correct either from the original tape images/packaging or from the developers/publishers. There are far too many sites containing more or less incorrect information and/or bad images. We aim to become THE site for accurate and complete documentation of Commodore 64 tape games and tape loaders.

To manage this huge task we need help. You can help by doing site design, programming, providing information about games, scanning of inlays, docs, donating originals etc. This site is still very much a work in progress

There will soon be available a better framework for contributing content. At this time all there are is a simple view of some of the data collected so far. All data have been collected from the original games / packaging of games owned by the contributors.

If you want to get involved with this project, please either send an e-mail to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page, or post a message in the forum.

For downloading TAPs, please visit the excellent site at
News: Merging with
The work to merge this site with has started.
If you contribute or want to contribute tape dumps, you may want to register a user at and start uploading dumps. All raw dumps will be copied to and cleaned with the lastest tapclean.
News: Ziggy72 as preserver
We welcome Ziggy72 as a preserver.
Sorry for the late announcement. He has been very active for quite some time now.
Keep up the good work and a happy new year to all tape lovers out there!
News: Two new preservers join the team
We welcome TMS86 and Hedning as new members of the preservation team.
News: Register new user closed for the forum. Manual process now in place.
Because of mis-use of the registration feature of this forum, we have decided to not allow automatic registration of new users. If you want to create a new user you will now have to send an email to bokvamme-at-errors-dot-no and we will take it from there.. We are sorry for any inconvenience this creates, but we are tired of checking and deleting upwards to 100 fake users each day. It is a very time consuming process.
News: The preservation crew grows again...
We welcome BASICDave.
He's off to a great start doing lots of inlay scans.
Thanks a lot Dave!
News: More preservers join the ranks
We welcome Archmage and of-course Johncl.
News: 6000 db entries and new preserver
This week we reached 6000 database entries.
We also welcome Ymgve and gersius as new preservers.
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